Robin Christensen-Roussimoff Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Height, Net Worth, Father

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff– Biography, Facts & Life Story

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is a stage manager and wrestler from the United States. She is well-known as Andre the Giant’s daughter.

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff- Wiki and Facts

Full Name: Robin Christensen-Roussimoff
Birth Date: 1979
Birth Place: France
Net Worth: $150k
Profession: Wrestler
Marital Status: Single
Relationship affair ?: No
Is lesbian ?: No
Father’s Name: Andre the Giant
Mother’s Name: Jean Christensen
Height / How tall : 6 feet 0 inches (1.83m)
Nationality: American
Weight: 96 kg Kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff- Early Life

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff was born in the French city of Roussimoff in 1979. She is 44 years old and lives in Seattle, Washington as of 2021. Andre the Giant (father) and Jean Christensen (mother) are her parents. Her father was a professional wrestler, and her mother worked as a publicist for the sport.

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff
Robin Christensen-Roussimoff ( Source: Pinterest)

Her father died of congestive heart failure in his sleep in a Paris hotel on the night of January 27, 1993, while attending her grandfather’s funeral. In 2008, her mother passed away.

How close was she with her father?

According to Christensen, she had little contact with her father. In her entire life, she only saw him five times, despite occasional televised and printed news reports criticizing his absentee fatherhood. She has given some interviews about the subject in the past, but she is still hesitant to speak publicly about her father.

Andre refused to accept Robin as his daughter because he suffered from Acromegaly, a hormonal disorder in which infertility is one of the symptoms. As a result, her birth was a miracle, but he was suspicious of it.

She met her father for the first time when she was four years old, and again in 1991 for a few minutes. She was also invited to visit her father on his ranch when she was ten years old. She, on the other hand, did not want to abandon her mother and live with a man she had never met, so she passed up the opportunity to meet him.


Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, like her father, is a wrestler, but she hasn’t had much success in the sport. In 2018, she worked on the documentary Andre the Giant, which was based on her father’s life.

She also receives royalties from WWE, which still uses her father’s name in some of their events. She has the exclusive right to license the name “Andre the Giant” in any format, including video games and action figures. She also promoted Brandon M. Easton’s book, “Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven,” which he wrote.

Despite the fact that she never had a close relationship with her father, she contacted some of his wrestling friends after his death to learn more about him as a person.

Relationship Status

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is currently single. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and has previously stated that she prefers not to date. This is because once people learn that she is the daughter of Andre the Giant, they either avoid her or use her for financial gain.

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff
Robin Christensen-Roussimoff ( Source: Pinterest)

Height and Weight

Robin is 6 feet tall and weighs around 96 kilograms. Her hair is brown, and she has brown eyes.

Net Worth 2022/2023

According to sources, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff has a net worth of over $150k. There is no information available about her exact earnings or salary.

Social Media Appearance

She’s on Instagram, but she’s not on Facebook or Twitter. Her Instagram account has over 1.8k followers.

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