Learn about Rick Dale’s Bio, Wife, Family, and His Massive Net Worth!

Everything from Rick Dale‘s firing from ‘American Restorations’ to a supportive wife and family who helped him amass a sizable fortune. Rick Dale is a reality program host and the owner of Rick Restorations, an antique restoration shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After appearing on the highly-rated History Channel reality series American Restorations, better known as Rick’s Restorations, Rick Dale rose to renown. The show debuted on October 25, 2010, as the first spin-off of the popular reality TV show Pawn Stars.

Rick’s wife Kelly, sons Tyler and Brettly, brother Ron, and the team of professionals who would restore American vintage items to their former glory were all featured in the series. Learn more about Rick’s biography, personal life [wife and children], and net worth in this page.

Rick Dale: Early Life

Rick was born in Newport Beach, California, on December 13, 1970. His family later moved to Boulder City, Nevada, when he was 13, where he was raised alongside his younger brother Ron Dale.

Rick’s father, a professional racer, instilled in him a love of driving at a young age. After building a soapbox racer with his father, the reality star moved on to working on vehicles, motorcycles, hot rods, and, finally, Coke machines and gas pumps. Rick’s Restorations was founded as a result of his father’s knowledge, which led him into the restoration industry.

Net Worth 2022/2023

Rick has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, attributable to his family’s business. Even after being sacked from the American Restoration series, Rick continued to manage his restoration company, Rick’s Restorations, in Las Vegas. Rick’s Restorations’ business operations and expansion were aided by his wife, Kelly.

Tyler, their oldest son, is the shop’s manager, while Brettly works as a salesman and a picker. Similarly, their daughter Ally works as the office manager and accounts receivable, while their niece Michelle works as the assistant manager and retail manager. Based on those data, Rick’s Restorations is clearly a family business that has made Rick a happy guy thus far.

Rick went on to appear in a number of other TV shows after American Restoration, including Pawn Stars, Counting Cars with noted car collector Danny Koker, and the documentary Coked Up!, which helped him make a few extra bucks.

Relationship Status

Rick and Kelly have been married for over 25 years, having married on November 11, 1994. Tyler, a son, and Ally, a daughter, are the couple’s children. They also have a son, Brettly Otterman, who is Kelly’s child from a previous relationship [before to marrying Rick]. Furthermore, they first met when they both went to the same gym. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal in February 2016, the couple revealed how they met.

The happy couple is now living in peace with their loving family. Through his social media accounts, the reality star frequently displays his close relationship with his family.


In November 2016, on the occasion of his wedding anniversary, he posted a Twitter photo with his wife, wishing her well and noting that she was the family’s heart and soul.

Why was he fired from ‘American Restorations’?

The History Channel abruptly fired Rick and his coworkers after six seasons of American Restorations, citing a desire to reinvent the show with a fresh cast and concept in 2016. Rick was first cast in the series in 2010, and the first six seasons were shot in his restoration shop, Rick’s Restorations, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show focused on restoring numerous vintage antiques to their original state and covered the daily activities of his antique restoration shop.

Rick’s relatives also assisted with the repair efforts in the series. His brother Ron, wife Kelly, and son Tyler all worked at the store and were featured on the television show.

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