Ric Flair Reacts to Alleged Train Scandal! Read What The Legendary Wrestler Had To Say About the Allegations!

Ric Flair, the legendary WWE wrestler, didn’t mince words when it came to dismissing an alleged incident that had him trending on Twitter. An X-rated picture of a man being intimate with a woman on a public train was posted on the internet on August 18, 2021. The NSFW content was first shared on Twitter by the Ringside news page.

In an unexpected turn of events, Twitter users began comparing the man, who could only be seen from the back of his head, to Flair. Many people laughed at the similarities, while others expressed concern that their irrational notions would be realized. Suddenly, the veteran wrestler was a popular topic of conversation on Twitter. Flair was quick to pick up on the ongoing craze in the wake of the worrying chatter.

Ric Flair is a WWE Hall of Famer

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Flair was a living legend in the ring long before performers like Dave Bautista, John Cena, The Rock, and The Undertaker were the face of WWE.

In 1966 and 1968, he won wrestling tournaments at school and gained a foothold in the combat scene. Later, he dropped out of the University of Minnesota and began training with Verne Gagne, a professional wrestler. Flair’s fighting prowess did not take long to amaze the crowd. Andre the Giant, Dusty Rhodes, and Wahoo McDaniel were among his formidable opponents.

Unfortunately, he was involved in a serious plane crash in 1974, which fractured his spine in three places. Doctors determined that he would never be able to fight again. After six months of physical treatment, the then-26-year-old returned to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). After defeating the original Nature Boy, Buddy Rogers, in 1978, he won many NWA United States Championships and was dubbed “The Nature Boy.”

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The 16-time World Heavyweight Champion made history when he teamed up with fellow wrestlers Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard to form The Four Horsemen, the most dominant quartet of all time. In 1991, the wrestling manager won his first WWE Championship and went on to work for the company on several occasions.

People reported in August 2021 that he resigned from WWE on cordial terms. Flair had other intriguing projects in mind, such as his wine brand, his network, and comic novels.

Ric Flair Completely Dismissed the Rumors

On August 19, 2021, Flair responded to the reported controversy on Twitter. The Memphis native quipped that the view was as true as the NSFW picture spreading around the internet, posting a shot of his face morphed onto a cartoon train. He then explained that the Nature Boy was not a train rider.

Just before denying the claims on Twitter, the WWE heavyweight had spoken to TMZ, claiming he wasn’t the one in the photo. Flair also mentioned that he hadn’t taken a train in a long time. While the X-rated case turned out to be a hoax, Flair has been in the news for a legitimate reason: his WWE departure.

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