Rhonda Worthey Personal Life Affair: How Did Her Divorce From Her Husband Affect Her Children?

If marriage is a lovely union of two souls, divorce is a terrible sport that separates them. Such heinous sport has infiltrated many celebrities’ lives as well; one such example is Rhonda Worthey, the Cowboys’ Publicist, who, voluntarily or unwillingly, discovered divorce in her more than a decade-long marriage.

Rhonda Worthey was married to famed quarterback Troy Aikman for eleven years before their marriage ended in divorce. Worthey, who had children with Troy Aikman, divorced, but that’s not the end of the story.

Rhonda Worthey now has her post-divorce stories to share, which will reveal whether or not the divorce will harm the Worthey children.

You’ve gone this far reading about the life of Publicist Worthey, so why not interpret the rest of the story down below?

Rhonda Worthey’s Divorce Journey and Beyond!

Rhonda Worthey, a Cowboys publicist, had an 18-month romantic relationship with famed quarterback Troy Aikman before marrying him in 2000. The couple married in Plano, Texas in April of 2000 and had two children, Jordan Ashley Aikman and Alexa Marie Aikman.

However, after eleven years of marriage, the pair announced their divorce in January 2011. Worthey and Aikman were going through a terrible time, but despite their divorce, Aikman maintained that his dedication to his children would not be affected. He informed the media that, according to rumors, the couple had already begun to divide their assets two months before the separation. The divorce was concluded in private in April 2011 when the court secretly signed off on their divorce papers.

“This has been a difficult decision for Rhonda and me, but after ten years of marriage, we have decided to separate. We remain deeply committed to our children and respectfully ask that you honor our family’s privacy during this period of adjustment.”

Worthey obtained $1.75 million as a divorce settlement from Troy Aikman, which significantly increased her net worth, which now exceeds $10 million.

Rhonda Worthey was involved in a drunk and dive incident in August 2012, just a year after her divorce. She was arrested for public intoxication in the parking lot of a Texas high school near Plano, Texas.

According to TMZ, the authorities discovered two water bottles that appeared to be loaded with alcohol in her vehicle. She allegedly yelled to the cops,

“Do you know what this is gonna do to him? Troy?”

The cops then towed her car and arrested her in the parking lot, transporting her to Collin County Jail. Worthey, on the other hand, was freed from jail the same day and pled no guilty in return for 30 days probation.

Rhonda Worthey is not in another meaningful relationship, although her ex-husband, Troy Aikman, married for the second time on June 2, 2017. Even though Aikman is married for the second time, he has given his children all of the time and support that they require from their father.

Worthey and Aikman’s divorce has had no effect on their father-daughter connection; he takes time to spend quality time with his kids, Jordan Ashley and Alexa Marie.

Troy frequently attends his kids’ lacrosse and volleyball events, referring to them as “daddy’s girls” on social media.
Worthey’s ex-husband, Troy Aikman, seemed to have left no room for the divorce to have an impact on his connection with his kids. Aikman’s amazing father-daughter chemistry with his two daughters can still be seen on their social media platform, Instagram.

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