Remi Burgz Male or Female Gender Identity in MasterChef 2023

Is Remi Burgz a gender-neutral person? A lot of people are curious about this query. We shall examine the distinct identity of Remi Burgz, a well-known DJ and Celebrity MasterChef 2023 candidate, in this piece.

Remi Burgz was born between 1991 and 1994. He is a notable personality in the music industry and identifies as a trans-masculine non-binary person. Remi is not only a gifted person; she is also a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights.

Summary remi burgz male or female

Feature Details
Age 28-31 years old
Gender Identity Trans masculine non-binary
Occupation DJ, Presenter, Writer
Notable Achievements Official DJ for Shaybo
Current Role Celebrity MasterChef 2023 contestant

Remi Burgz’s Background

Notable AccomplishmentsBackground of Celebrity MasterChef 2023 participant Remi Burgz, Official DJ for Shaybo
Remi Burgz, a Nigerian native, became well-known in the music and radio industries very fast.

Remi’s abilities were soon noticed when she joined Shaybo, the rapper nominated for a MOBO award, as his official DJ.

MasterChef 2023 and Remi Burgz

The competitors for the next MasterChef 2023 have been revealed, and Remi Burgz is one of them.

Remi is ready to add a new dimension to the broadcast by switching from the Radio 1Xtra studio to the MasterChef kitchen.

Gender Identity Debate

“Is Remi Burgz male or female?” is the query. has generated a lot of buzz.

Remi Burgz is an ardent LGBTQ ally and acknowledges herself as a lady, despite being assigned female at birth (AFAB).

Trans Masculine Non-Binary Identity

Remi identifies as a transmasculine non-binary person, which makes her gender identity distinct.

Remi is thirty-one years old and recently finished their master’s degree, which reflects their diverse personality.

Media Presence and Achievements

Beyond just being a DJ, Remi Burgz also does presentations, writing, and social media stardom.

Her tremendous accomplishments and public presence have established her as a familiar figure in the field.


Remi Burgz’s interesting demeanor is further enhanced by the ongoing controversy surrounding her gender.

Emphasizing Remi’s accomplishments and media appearance, we invite readers to follow her MasterChef 2023 journey.

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