Ray McKinnon An Oscar-Winning Director, Still Misses His Dead Wife Lisa Blount, Who Died in 2010 – Second Marriage?

Ray McKinnon

DeadWood actor Ray McKinnon’s better half Lisa Blount died on the 27th of October, 2010, according to reports. The couple had been married for a whopping twelve years. The link that existed between them was unbreakable, not only on a personal level but even on a professional level as well.

The Rise and Fall of Ray Mckinnon:

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In 2001, the duo was nominated for an Academy Award for their performance in The Accountant. They were awarded the prize for the best live-action short film. Lisa had always been a good compliment to Ray’s personality. Lisa’s work as an actress and producer was the most important factor in Ray’s professional success. Despite the fact that Ray was very busy with acting, directing, and all the other things he did, she remained a loving wife.

Lisa, who was most known for her roles in “An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Chrystal,” (all of which Ray directed, produced, and scripted, as well as being in as a member of the cast), had made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her admirers and coworkers adored and admired her.

You can only imagine how much Ray cherished her! She was, without a doubt, the apple of his eye. Several others close to Lisa have expressed their admiration for the duo, including Lisa’s mother. Lisa’s friend, Lorraine Devon Wilke, has also expressed confidence in the way the couple has fared in their relationship.

When Ray’s wife died, despite all of his happiness, a pall of doom descended over his existence. On top of that, Ray was out of town and couldn’t be there to see her in her final moments of life.

Blount was found dead in the home she shared with her husband, with blood leaking from her nostril. She had been suffering from a blood infection. At the time of his wife’s murder, Ray was in Atlanta filming a television show. Her mother revealed that Lisa suffered from Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a rare blood illness that is comparable to Multiple Sclerosis.

Although the exact cause of Lisa’s death has not been revealed, her mother stated that Lisa suffered from Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). Speculation based on the autopsy and her health at the time of her death suggests that she died abruptly and, ideally, without suffering, but I’m confident that Ray did.

On the Comeback:

Following the death of his wife, Ray has kept himself occupied with his professional obligations. So far, he has devoted all of his time, energy, and resources to his television show, Rectify. Rectify, a Sundance television series that is widely regarded as underappreciated has gained popularity and appreciation among followers of Ray Mckinnon as well as newcomers.

Ray wrote the storyline and the script for the show himself, and the American television drama community is extremely grateful for his efforts. It is hoped that you will not miss the final episode of Rectify’s fourth season, which is set to premiere in December 2016.

He has shown no interest in dating or settling down with any of the ladies he has met so far. Although he doesn’t express his feelings publicly, he appears to be missing Lisa, despite the fact that he doesn’t address it. It appears as though he would prefer not to be married any sooner.

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