Rachel DeMita Reveals Dating Status, Boyfriend Plans During Career Peak!

Rachel DeMita, a former basketball player, is well-known for her presenting abilities on NBA 2KTV. She left the show in November 2018, yet her legacy lives on in the hearts of the viewers.

The attractive and charming young lady created quite a name for herself in the sporting world. Furthermore, because of her charisma, her followers were curious about her dating life. But is Rachel DeMita in a relationship or is she focused on her career?

You are invited to spend your time looking for the unanswered question of her personal life!

Rachel DeMita- Relationship Status

Rachel DeMita, a stunning former basketball player, was said to be dating a man in the same profession in 2014. She was supposed to be seeing American basketball player Kevin Durant, with whom she had been meeting since his birthday in New York City.

They were seen kissing as they exited the celebration together.

However, the basketball-obsessed duo never officiated as a couple. Even if they were dating, they are no longer together because Kevin Durant has a new girlfriend, Cass Anderson, who sits on a Wifey section throughout his match.
Rachel, the model, has stayed away from dating but has revealed her thoughts and former dating experiences on her YouTube channel.

The reality personality recounted her terrible Valentine’s Day experience in a YouTube video titled STORYTIME! (MY AWKWARD VALENTINE’S DAY) / Rachel DeMita. She revealed that her first Valentine’s Day was planned with her high school beau.

Rachel DeMita, like any other adolescent girl, bought gifts and chocolates and was looking forward to spending time with him. Her then-sweetheart, however, did not wish her, and she ended up giving all of the gifts to her girlfriends.

Rachel’s boyfriend, on the other hand, surprised her at the end of the day with balloons and a large teddy bear. Despite everything, their romance was doomed to fail.

Aside from that, she shared more of her thoughts in a February 2018 YouTube video titled Marriage And Kids. She was asked if she wanted to date an NBA player and why she did.

Similarly, she was asked in the same video what she would name her baby. In which she disclosed that she needed to be married first in order to have a baby. And in order to marry, she needs to have a boyfriend, which she does not currently have. She also stated that she is unmarried and does not want to be in a dating relationship.

Rachel, on the other hand, took to Twitter on April 10th, 2018, with a tweet inquiring about a lover. However, she did not respond to her inquiry, leaving her followers even more inquisitive about her relationship status.

Similarly, her fans are interested in learning more about her lover. Because she is a vegan, one of her followers wondered if her boyfriend had to be vegan as well. Is it true that I only date vegans? post dated back on April 28th, 2018, she disclosed that the boy she is dating is vegan. He should, however, respect her veganism.

Confirmed Relationship with NBA Player

After revealing the quality of her lover, the 31-year-old personality eventually discovered the one Rachel DeMita is flaunting on Instagram.

Since 2018, the talk show host has been dating NBA player Andre Roberson. In June 2018, she confirmed her suspected romance with the Oklahoma City Thunder guard by posting a lovely snapshot on her Instagram story. Heart emoticons flew around her and Andre’s heads in the shared account.

They were thought to be dating after Rachel tagged Andre’s Instagram handle in a post on June 13th, 2018.

Similarly, Andre emphasized the freshly blossoming relationship when he posted photos of himself with the 2K TV personality on Instagram on July 24, 2018. Following the post, several followers expressed their best wishes to the pair.

In 2019, the couple’s connection is stronger than ever. They even spent Valentine’s Day together that year, on February 14th, and shared photos with their followers a few days later.

The TV icon was seen wearing a stunning designer black gown and holding a rose on her special night. Yes, she had spent a beautiful and normal Valentine’s Day with her muse on that particular day.

The couple first announced their connection in the summer of 2018, and after wishing her beau a happy birthday, their relationship status became clear.

Age, occupation, and net worth

Rachel DeMita, the only child of Jack and Shannon DeMita, was born on June 14, 1990, in Ohio.

The actress, who stands 5ft 8in (1.72m), was an All-American basketball player who received a full-ride division 1 scholarship to Old Dominion University in 2008. She had never considered pursuing basketball as a vocation in the future.

In one of her YouTube videos, she revealed the reason for her decision to retire from basketball. And she decided that Old Dominion was not the perfect choice for her, so she enrolled at American University.

Rachel DeMita began her career as a YouTube celebrity and even has her own channel where she posts videos on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. She has an estimated monthly salary ranging from $184 to $2.9K, for a yearly salary ranging from $2.2K to $35.3K.

Furthermore, the typical compensation of a Talk Show Host in the United States is $75,000 per year, therefore she may have earned a large wage from her hosting work due to her well-appreciated vocation and skills.

With her YouTube career and hosting profession’s remuneration, there is no doubt about her large net worth. However, she has not divulged the actual sum of her net worth as of yet.

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