PrestonPlayz Bio, Age, Relationship, Nationality, Social Media, Height, Net Worth

Who is PrestonPlayz?

PrestonPlayz is a well-known YouTube gamer with channels such as TBNRfrags and Preston. PrestonPlayz posts a variety of content on his YouTube channel, including challenge and prank videos, as well as Minecraft and Roblox gaming.

PrestonPlayz: Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

PrestonPlayz is a 27-year-old man. He was born under the Taurus astrological sign on May 4, 1994, in Texas, United States. Preston Arsement is his given name. Jaye Arsement is his mother’s name, and David is his father’s name. He is, however, his stepfather.

His biological mother and adoptive father married when he was three months old. His new father has even stated that he loves him just as much as his biological children. He also doesn’t want to meet his biological father.

In addition, he has five siblings. He has two older brothers, one named David and the other named Daka, both of whom served in the Navy. He also has Joshua and Caleb, two younger half-brothers, and Keeley, a younger half-sister.

His half-siblings are all Minecraft players. KeeleyElise, TbnrCJ, PapaFrags, Brianna, his father, and other siblings, each has their own YouTube channel.

He, too, grew up playing a variety of sports, including soccer, baseball, and basketball. He became interested in paintball at the age of 11 and aspired to play the sport professionally.

Similarly, he is of American descent but has made no mention of his ethnic background. When it comes to his education, he attended the Travis Academy of Fine Arts.

More Facts of PrestonPlayz

Full Name: Preston Arsement
Born Date: 04 May 1994
Age: 27 years
Horoscope: Taurus
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Stone: Emerald
Lucky Color: Green
Best Match for Marriage: Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn
Gender: Male
Profession: youtube gamer
Country: United States
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Marital Status: married
Wife Brianna Paige Arsement
Break Up Paige
Net Worth $29 million
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Brown
Birth Place Texas
Nationality American
Education Travis Academy of Fine Arts
Father David
Mother Jaye Arsement
Siblings (Five)David, Daka, Joshua, Caleb, and Keeley
Twitter Preston Arsement Twitter
Youtube Preston Arsement Youtube
Instagram Preston Arsement Instagram

Profession and Career

PrestonPlayz’s professional life is that he is a well-known Youtube gamer who rose to prominence after launching his gaming YouTube channel Preston on July 4, 2012. He did, however, begin posting videos in 2012. In addition, as of May 2020, he had 14.3 million subscribers and 4,070,928,974 views.

“EPIC LUCKY BLOCKS!” is the title of his first video. – CRAZY CRAFT (MINECRAFT MODDED SURVIVAL) – CRAZY CRAFT (MINECRAFT MODDED SURVIVAL) – CRAZY CRAFT (MINECRAFT MODDED SURVIVAL) – CRAZY CRAFT (M His first video has received nearly 1,093,020 views. He started getting a lot of views on his YouTube channel at first. It motivates him to make more videos. He also uploads other Minecraft videos.

He uploads a variety of videos for viewers’ entertainment in addition to gaming videos. Do his YouTube series include? FAMILY VIDEOS,?TROLLING,? and others. ARE YOU PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK?? ROOFLESS ADVENT CALENDAR 2018,?BEDWARS, and? REAL LIFE VIDEOS! “10 Ways to Prank My Wife’s House!” “$10,000 Boy vs Girl BLASTER War Challenge!” and others are among the videos featuring his family.

On January 2, 2019, he posted one of the most popular videos on his YouTube channel, titled “5 WAYS TO PRANK YOUR LITTLE BROTHER’S MINECRAFT HOUSE!” Almost 39,578,834 people have watched this video. “I Said Yes to My Little Brother For 24 Hours” has 27 million views, “Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours!” has 23 million views, “Unspeakable Trapped My Wife & Me In A GIANT Bubble Tent…” has 23 million views, and “5 WAYS TO PRANK YOUR LITTLE BROTHER’S MINECRAFT HOUSE!” has 39 million views.

“Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours! (Rainbow Food Challenge)” has 23 million views on his YouTube channel. He recently posted a video titled “100 Layers of ICE vs Steel Challenge! *surprising*” on April 30, 2020.

A different YouTube channel

He has four other YouTube channels: TBNRFrags, PrestonGamez, PrestonPlayz, and PrestonCosmic, in addition to his main channel. His fans have responded positively to him on every channel. He is extremely successful in other gaming YouTube channels because of the way he makes commentary and displays himself.


TBNRFrags is where he posts videos related to his Call of Duty games, though he is currently focusing on Fortnite gameplay. On November 29, 2010, he launched this channel, which was essentially his main channel, about a year and a half before the Preston channel. But, as of recently, his Preston channel is considered his primary YouTube channel, with over 5.52 million subscribers.

FORTNITE CHALLENGES!, FAMILY VIDEOS!, FORTNITE PLAYGROUNDS!, *NEW* FORTNITE UPDATES!, VBUCKS CHALLENGES!, and FORTNITE CREATIVE! are among his TBNRFrags YouTube series. Over 21 million people have watched the video “Little Brother Gets 100K Vbucks if He Wins! (Fortnite Rainbow Dropper).”

“1 Elimination = 7,000 *free* V-Bucks With My Little Brother (Fortnite Battle Royale),” “1 Elimination = 6,000 *free* V-Bucks With My Little Brother (Fortnite Battle Royale),” and “*NEW* 1v1 FORTNITE RAINBOW BINGO CHALLENGE with my LITTLE BROTHER!” are some of the other videos with over fifteen million views.

PrestonPlayz’s YouTube videos Caption: PrestonPlayz’s YouTube videos (Source: YouTube)


His Roblox channel is PrestonGamez, formerly PrestonRoblox. He currently uses the channel to post Roblox content, but now that he has changed the name of the channel from PrestonRoblox to PrestonGamez, he may start posting other games. 2.47 million people have subscribed to the channel.

as well as SPENDING ROBUX! Similarly, he has uploaded videos such as “MAKING MY DAD A ROBLOX ACCOUNT!” “MAKING MY GIRLFRIEND A ROBLOX ACCOUNT!” and “MAKING MY MOM A ROBLOX ACCOUNT!” feature members of his family playing Roblox games.

“ROBLOX RAINBOW OBBY TROLLS my LITTLE BROTHER!” is one of the most popular videos, with nearly 11 million views.


PrestonMinecraft was his previous Minecraft channel. On this channel, he used to post Minecraft Pocket Edition videos with his friend Logdotzip, but now he also posts Java Edition videos. On his YouTube channel, he has 5.53 million subscribers.

“5 Ways to Prank PrestonPlayz Minecraft House,” which has nearly 26 million views, is one of the channel’s most popular videos. “TRAPPED IN MINECRAFT PYRAMID PRISON! *WIFE IS SCARED*,” and “5 WAYS TO PRANK YOUR WIFE’S MINECRAFT HOUSE!” are two of his other well-known videos.


PrestonCosmic is his YouTube channel where he uploads videos of himself playing on his CosmicPvP Minecraft server. On his YouTube channel, he has 316K subscribers. He, on the other hand, rarely uploads videos to his YouTube channel. He did, however, receive a lot of views on the channel.

Server for Minecraft

He also owns a Minecraft server called CosmicPvP, which he shares with another YouTuber, MrWoofless. Factions, HCF, and KitPvP are among the game modes available on the server, which was launched in 2014. On his channel, he has also played on this server several times, mostly in his factions series.

Net Worth 2022/2023, Salary, and Earnings

In terms of his earnings, he is a young and well-known millionaire YouTube gamer who has amassed a sizable fortune from his YouTube videos. PrestonPlayz has five YouTube channels with a variety of game-related content. The channel earns over a million dollars per person.

As a result, his net worth is estimated to be around $29 million. Furthermore, he enjoys a lavish and happy life with his wife and family as a result of his good fortune. He takes pleasure in his good fortune.

Relationship: Married or Single?

PrestonPlayz is a married man, according to his personal life. In May of 2018, he married Brianna Barnhart, his girlfriend. The couple is in love and plans to spend the rest of their lives together. In October of 2017, they got engaged. Brianna is a social media celebrity with her own YouTube channel, Brianna.

On his main channel, they frequently have multiple Q&A videos and vlogs featuring his wife and family. She works as a nurse but also enjoys singing and acting. Furthermore, she is enthralled by his YouTube career. She has appeared in a number of his Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox videos.

PrestonPlayz Caption: PrestonPlayz and his wife pose for a photo (Source: Instagram)

In terms of previous relationships, he dated Paige, an LA-based YouTuber, in 2016. She has a YouTube channel called turn the Paige, which has over 80k subscribers as of April 2020. On April 18, 2016, their relationship was confirmed. Despite the fact that the couple split up in February 2017, they remain close friends.

In addition, there are no major rumors or controversy surrounding his personal or professional life. Throughout his career, he has been successful in maintaining a very clean image on social media.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair Color

This 26-year-old well-known gaming personality is extremely attractive. PrestonPlayz’s endearing personality has drawn a slew of female fans to him. He has a well-toned body. Similarly, he stands around 5 Feet 6 Inches (170 centimeters) tall and weighs around 65 kilograms (147 pounds).

Furthermore, there is no information about his body stats. His hair is also brown, and he has a pair of appealing dark brown eyes.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

PrestonPlayz is a well-known social media personality who uses platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. He does not, however, have a Facebook account. He uses the handle @realtbnrfrags on Instagram, which has 1.4 million followers. In addition, his Twitter account, @Preston, has over 1.7 million followers.

In addition to his main YouTube channel, he has four other channels. Preston’s main YouTube channel has over 14.3 million subscribers. On the TBNRFrags channel, he has more than 5.52 million subscribers, 2.47 million on the PrestonGamez channel, 5.53 million on the PrestonPlayz channel, and 316K on the PrestonCosmic channel.

He also sells his own merchandise online. His TikTok account currently has over 2.7 million followers and 13.1 million likes.

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