Pokimane: Reclaims ‘No Makeup’ Picture with JiDion’s Advice

Once upon a time, a YouTuber Pokimane took a picture of a Twitch streamer without makeup and turned it into a meme.

The joke’s on him, because Pokimane just tweeted the same photo with a caption that’s far too serious to laugh at.

Is this the end, or a new beginning?

If you couldn’t tell, this anecdote was inspired by the JiDion-Pokimane feud that made headlines earlier this year.
With the two creators teaming up for a collaboration, the feud is finally over.

Adopted a Makeup-Free Look

Pokimane tweeted a photo of herself without makeup as soon as JiDion posted the collaborative Q&A video on his YouTube channel — the same one that netizens, including JiDion, had used to troll her in January.

However, it was the caption that accompanied the photo that drew everyone’s attention. It said:

This person makes more money than you will ever see in your life.

Of course, right below that tweet, the Twitch streamer came clean with her followers and revealed that the post was a dare from JiDion, which you already know if you’ve watched his YouTube video.

JiDion urged Pokimane to embrace his sense of humour.

JiDion posted a video of the two getting together for a Chick-Fil-A mukbang on his side of the video streaming world, YouTube.

He admitted that he was fairly drunk when he set Pokimane’s infamous no makeup selfie as his Twitter profile picture after being banned from Twitch.

On Twitter, he urged her to embrace the photo with open arms and lean into the humor even more.

He directed her to a photo with the caption “This face makes more money than you will ever make.”

With the beef gone, Pokimane complied without changing a word!

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