Peter Gadiot Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Peter Gadiot, a British actor, is best known for his role as Cyrus in the American drama series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which aired on ABC from October 2013 to April 2014.

Aside from his professional life, Peter is a philanthropist who teaches children about slavery.

Biography, Age, Nationality, Parents

Peter Gadiot, 32, was born on January 2, 1986, in Haywards Heath, Sussex, England, under the sign of Capricorn.

Peter, who is bilingual, is fluent in both English and Spanish, which he learned from his parents. His mother, Aurora Gabriel Nava Quiroz, is Mexican, and his father, Jules Maria Johannes Ignatius Gadiot, is Maastricht-born Dutch.

Peter spent the majority of his childhood in the United Kingdom and had one older brother as a sibling. However, no information about his brother is available at this time.

The actor received classical training at the Drama Centre London and has appeared in a number of stage productions. Peter made his first television appearance as Troy Falconi in the series My Spy Family.

Following that, he played Cyrus in the American drama series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Gadiot made his American network debut in ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland as Cyrus, the handsome and mysterious Genie. In addition, he appeared in the short film Candy and three episodes of the British television series Fresh Meat.

Not only that, but he is much more than just an actor; he has also dabbled in directing. In addition to acting, he wrote and directed the short film 12-17. (2014).

Peter won the Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2017 for his role as James in Fox 21 Studios’ and USA Networks’ Queen of the South.

Fresh Meat’s Mexican Character

Peter, who is of mixed ethnicity, has a mysterious appearance that allows him to play characters from various ethnic backgrounds. His bilingual language ability improves his acting ability because he can successfully master a variety of accents, making his character more believable.

Similarly, in the British television series Fresh Meat, he portrayed a character of Mexican origin. It was a holiday romance in which he came to England to marry his girlfriend despite not knowing any English.

Relationship Status: Single?

The actor, who has a passionate relationship and has dated girlfriends on-screen, does not appear to have found his ideal partner in real life. It could be because he is solely concerned with his career.

On the other hand, on February 1, 2014, he shared a picture of a girl with his fans. He questioned how often she was tagged in the same shot in the caption.

Sharing a picture of a single girl on his Instagram account was a new update for his social account, and it sparked a slew of questions from his fans, who assumed the girl was Peter’s girlfriend.

However, on 4 April 2014, in response to one of his fans’ tweet asking, ‘Do you have a girlfriend?,’ Peter replied that he does not, but hopes to have one soon.

Furthermore, on 14 February 2018, the couple’s special day, Peter shared a photo of a lock with the words ‘I Love You X’ written on it. “Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lonely hearts and unrequited lovers,” he captioned the photo.

Based on that tweet, Peter may have had a girlfriend in the past, but he is currently single and enjoying his singlehood.

However, Peter’s low-key personal life and single status have sparked speculation that he is gay. However, he has not made any public comments about his sexuality.

Active Philanthropist

Peter Gadiot, who stands 5’9″ (1.8m) tall, is an active philanthropist in addition to his acting and directing credits. He brings joy to the world not only through his acting but also through his humanitarian work.

The actor actively campaigns against human trafficking and slavery, and once rowed with a crew across the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean to Africa to support the cause.

Following that, the actor-turned-director completed his journey by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro after running a self-sufficient 250-kilometer ultra-marathon in the Sahara Desert.

Not only that, but he also taught thousands of schoolchildren about slavery. Peter was able to raise funds for Anti-Slavery International and Save the Children through Rowing Against Slavery.

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