Pete Bucknall’s Ex-Girlfriend Carrie Hope Fletcher Calls Him a Cheater And Liar

“Nothing lasts forever,” as the saying goes. In the case of Pete Bucknall and Carrie Hope Fletcher’s relationship, this adage holds true. The two YouTube stars were apparently unable to maintain their romantic relationship and split up in 2017. Carrie Bucknall, Pete Bucknall’s ex-girlfriend, called him a cheater and a liar.

Pete used to appear in Carrie’s YouTube vlogs on a regular basis, and the two would also share photos of themselves on social media. However, since May 2017, Pete and Carrie haven’t mentioned each other in any posts and haven’t been seen together.

Carrie Hope Fletcher and Pete Bucknall’s Relationship

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Pete has been dating Carrie, a fellow YouTuber, since 2015. On Instagram and Twitter, he had publicly announced his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Carrie. While they were dating, they were frequently sharing cover songs on their respective YouTube channels.

Pete had shared photos of his ex-stage girlfriend’s performance on Twitter a few times, expressing pride and happiness for her. The ex-couple spent quality time together, going on romantic dates and socializing.

Love was in the air because they were so into each other. Everyone was ecstatic to see Pete and Carrie in each other’s arms.

Pete and Carrie split up in 2017.

Everything was going well for the ex-couple until their doubts about each other caused problems in their relationship. Pete and Carrie decided to end their relationship when things became too difficult, and the two romantic couples divorced in March 2017.

Pete Bucknall’s ex-girlfriend, Carrie, later posted on her blog in May, expressing her displeasure with Pete. The reason for their breakup was revealed by Fletcher.

She accused Pete of cheating on her and lying to her on numerous occasions. She claimed that her ex-boyfriend was dating another woman, whose identity she did not reveal.

If Pete’s cheating was the cause, she did the right thing by ending their relationship and moving on with her life. In 2017, Pete Bucknall and his ex-girlfriend, Carrie Hope Fletcher, called it quits.

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Carrie Hope Fletcher And Oliver Ormson Are a Couple

Carrie Hope began dating Oliver Ormson, a co-star on The Addams Family after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend. Both of them fell in love with each other and felt that spark in their relationship that they desired. Carrie and her boyfriend, Oliver, are still in love as of May 2020.

Carrie frequently posts cute photos of herself with him on her Instagram account. Carrie, likewise, enjoys filming videos with handsome Oliver and uploading them to her YouTube channel.

The lovely couple is so smitten with each other that they are unlikely to go a day without seeing each other. When they’re together, they’re absolutely perfect.

On the other hand, a quick glance at Pete Bucknall’s Instagram reveals that he is still possibly single. Perhaps he desires a carefree existence. He might also be taking his time before committing to a long-term relationship.

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