Learn More About Paul Stanley’s Son With Wife Erin Sutton – Colin Michael Stanley!

Paul Stanley, an American singer, has a kid, Colin Michael Stanley, with his lovely wife, Erin Sutton. Colin is the couple’s first child, and they were overjoyed to announce the arrival of a new addition to the family.

Colin Michael Stanley was born on September 6, 2006, to Sarah Brianna Stanley and Emily Grace Stanley, his two younger sisters.

Colin has a superb musician and guitarist half-brother named Evan Shane Stanley. Evan Shane is Paul Stanley’s son with Pamela Bowen, his ex-wife.

Despite this, Colin and Evan maintain a close brothers link and have no feelings of enmity for one another.

Colin, Paul Stanley’s son, has a lovely family

Even though Colin has led a quiet childhood in comparison to other famous children, he attends award events and parties with his family.

Colin Michael, in fact, loves his family more than anything else in the world. He is fortunate to have such a lovely and loving family.

Sarah Brianna and Emily Grace, Colin’s two gorgeous sisters, can’t imagine life without him. He appears to like entertaining his sisters and spending time with them. Paul and his kid are really close, and he probably never forgets to wish him on his birthday.

Colin Michael Stanley Wife
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He seemed to like being at home and living with his family. Paul Stanely’s youngster most likely enjoys cheering up his family by doing amusing and humorous things.

Colin Michael recently constructed a smoking commode out of toilet paper and toilet paper rolls. “DAD, COME QUICK, THE TOILET IS SMOKING!” he exclaimed. Paul couldn’t stop himself from sharing the photo on social media.

Colin Michael Stanley’s life is likely to be fine. He is really fortunate to have parents that understand the dangers of the internet and social media for children. Perhaps Colin is the one who prefers the quiet and understated life that his family has always provided.


Colin Stanley, Paul Stanley’s son, is on the verge of starting a career. If he decides to pursue a career in music, he has a lot of advantages that will help him succeed. Paul Stanley, who has extensive experience in the sector, can serve as a mentor to the young man.

Similarly, Colin’s music career can profit from Paul Stanley’s positive contacts and connections with record producers and performers. Paul would be ecstatic to watch his child carry on his legacy in the future years.

paul stanley
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It’s also possible that it’s the other way around. He can choose a distinct and unique job path that reflects his true passions. Let’s just wish Colin Michael Stanley and his future profession the best.

Colin Michael Stanley – What Does His Name Mean?

Colin is an Americanized version of the Irish term Coileáin, which means ‘whelp, cub.’ Michael was named from the Hebrew name Mikha’el, which means “Who is like God?”

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