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Paul Sinha, a British-Asian comedian, broadcaster, and quiz show host, didn’t let fear hold him back when he finally revealed his sexual orientation in 2017—in fact, he admitted that he never hid it!

On one of the episodes of the British quiz show The Chase, the ITV quizzer made a jaw-dropping announcement that made his fans shake with surprise. The revelation came when show host Bradley Walsh posed a question to him.

Paul guessed incorrectly that the answer was ‘Grand Theft Auto’—only to explain why he got the question wrong. He explained the situation by saying,

My ex used to spend all of his time playing Mario Kart… he also claimed that I never paid attention to him.

Following his statement, the Twitter account was inundated with comments from fans seeking clarification on Paul’s revelation. Surprised by the reaction, Paul explained that he had never concealed his sexual orientation from the public.

Relationship Status: Single?

After coming out in 2017, Paul expressed hidden feelings in one of the most personal interviews, revealing that he was in a relationship with his boyfriend.

According to The Sun, Sinha enlightened the benefit of being gay in that there is no traditional template for how to engage with a same-sex partner.

He also stated that he was in an open relationship with his partner and opposed speaking any further.

Speaking further about his sexual revelation, Paul claimed that he made numerous references to being gay during his lengthy stint on The Chase, but none of his words made it into the editing room.

In addition to revealing the identity of his mysterious boyfriend in public, Paul was seen wishing him a happy Valentine’s Day.

On 14 February 2018, Paul sarcastically thanked his boyfriend for buying him an expensive ‘Blondie memorabilia’ as a Valentine’s gift in a tweet.

After keeping his partner’s identity hidden for many years, Paul happened to reveal his partner’s name as Oliver in one of his Pink News interviews.

The name was obviously important to Paul’s fans and followers, but a greater revelation was on the way that they were unaware of.

Paul revealed at the start of 2019 that he proposed to his boyfriend and received a “Yes” in response.

The publicity resulted in a flood of congratulatory messages for Paul.

Without a doubt, the man will not refrain from telling his partner about his other life experiences.

As a result, his fans can be assured that the marriage ceremony of Paul and his fiance will involve them equally as a significant portion of Paul’s career.

Paul’s Twitter Account Is Filled With ‘Married’ Jokes!

Paul Sinha, a stand-up comedian, frequently fills his Twitter feed with married and wife jokes.

One such instance occurred on May 25, 2016, when Paul tweeted that if he ever marries an Indian princess, his parents would never stop celebrating.

Furthermore, in response to Meera Syal’s tweet about 1970’s wife on March 28, 2017, he stated that his wife was a long way from being a 1970’s version—another piece of comedy from the talented comedian!

Net Worth, Salary

From stand-up comedian to radio show host, Paul Sinha has steadily elevated his professionalism to new heights.

On BBC Radio 4, he made a name for himself by hosting various shows such as The News Quiz, The Now Show, and 28 Acts in 28 Minutes. In addition, he presented The Sinha Games, a documentary about the Olympic Games, on the network.

Sinha later appeared on the ITV quiz show The Chase as “The Sinnerman.” Anne Solway Hegerty, an English TV quiz show host, became the Chaser in 2010 and has been a regular on the Australian version of the show since 2015.

Paul, who appeared as one of the Chasers alongside British television personality Jenny Ryan in 2016, went through the entire show without getting a question wrong.

Paul earns a good living as a comedian and TV personality, which adds to his already substantial net worth.

In general, the average salary of a stand-up comedian is around $20,000. Furthermore, the lifetime earnings are expected to exceed $700,000. Given Paul’s dedication, he will almost certainly earn close to the estimated amount.

Aside from that, Sinha’s average salary at ITV is expected to be in the £34K range.

Paul Sinha: Biography

Paul Sinha, 49, was born on May 28, 1970, as Supriya Kumar Sinha in Luton, Bedfordshire, to Bengali parents. Paul is of British nationality and of British-Asian ethnicity, standing tall at a respectable height.

Though he keeps his parents’ identities hidden on social media, Paul frequently mentions them in his status updates—usually with a joke!

One such instance occurred on May 21, 2016, when Paul stated on Twitter that his parents stayed in the UK due to the Sausages, which India did not provide.

Besides, he tweeted the picture of his parents on 5 July 2018 captioning that the NHS England rescued his dad from a ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest 28 years ago.

Paul studied at Dulwich College and St George’s Hospital Medical School.

Health- A Concern for Paul ITV’s show, The Fast Fix: Diabetes, was used as a platform to experiment on Paul Sinha, who is concerned about his health.

The show investigates whether or not weight loss controls blood sugar levels.

Sinha’s body is an excellent control for the experiment because he has prior experience managing his body. He gained weight when he misbehaved and lost weight when he behaved well.

Paul attempted to maintain his body posture for two or three months for the show, which aired in May 2018.

Paul also revealed in mid-June 2019 that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Paul also stated that he would fight the disease until his last breath.

The revelation made by Paul during his BBC interview shocked his followers. Paul also stated that he would be providing his fans with updates on the disease.

Hopefully, Paul’s fight against the disease is successful, and he can return to his healthy self soon.

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