Patrick Brammall Bio, Age, Weight, Parents, Height, Nationality, Instagram, Net Worth

Patrick Brammall has made a name for himself, primarily through television roles. Patrick, an Australian resident in Los Angeles, has achieved success in both Australia and the United States through his roles.

Patrick Brammall has powerful performances which inspired many people to pursue careers in acting with zeal and dedication. Patrick Bremmall’s long career in show business has contributed to an incredible journey as an actor.

His work on the TV shows Bess of Both Worlds, Strange Calls, Griff The Invisible, Glitch, and No Activity was well received by the audience. In addition, the man is gearing up for the third season of No Activity in 2019.

Patrick is also known for the film Griff The Invisible.

Thus, based on everything he has done to date, Patrick must have amassed a sizable amount of property and net worth.

Patrick Brammall: Is He Dating Or Married?

Patrick Brammall was previously married to Samantha Nield, a schoolteacher.

Patrick and Samantha were known for their happy marriage after they married in 2013. Patrick, on the other hand, revealed in 2017 that he was no longer married and was afraid that his marriage was over.

Every bad thing that happens has a great sustaining good cause. Similarly, Patrick’s divorce from his wife led him to the woman he fell for.

Patrick began dating television actress Harriet Dyer not long after his divorce. Patrick and Harriet were so in love that Harriet decided to relocate from her home country to Los Angeles to be with Patrick.

Patrick and Harriet have been living a happy life together ever since. They enjoy each other’s company and look forward to spending time together on special occasions and celebrations.

Hopefully, this lovely relationship between Patrick and his girlfriend will last a lifetime and never show signs of breaking up.

Bio: Age, Family

Patrick Brammall, a well-known Australian actor, was born on March 30, 1977, and is currently 42 years old. He was born in Canberra, Australia, to journalist Bruce and his wife, Janice.

Patrick spent much of his childhood in the hospital due to a rare genetic disorder known as prune belly syndrome. Patrick overcame his disease and went on to master the art of acting.

Patrick’s parents were always enthusiastic about his acting career. Despite a long family history in journalism, they encouraged their son to pursue his dreams.

Patrick, on the other hand, was a perfect match for their support and made them extremely proud.

Hopefully, every family can learn from Patrick’s family’s perfection in understanding each other’s needs.

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