Pascale Nadeau Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Pascale Nadeau is a well-known Canadian journalist who presents news on Television de Radio-Canada in Quebec. Pascale was previously a daytime presenter for the all-news network RĂ©seau de I’information.

Pascale grew up in a family of journalists and has carried on the family tradition with passion and dedication. Furthermore, her commendable analytical abilities make her one of the world’s most sought-after female journalists.

Pascale Nadeau: Biography and Family Life

Pascale Nadeau was born in Montreal in 1960 and has an annual birthday on April 2nd. Nadeau holds Canadian citizenship and is of Quebecois descent.

It’s no surprise that Pascale’s passion for journalism stems directly from her media family. Pascale Nadeau is the daughter of renowned television journalist Pierre Nadeau and his wife, France Nadeau.

Pierre is frequently praised for being a well-known face in the media. His charismatic personality, way of explaining things, and brilliant interviews all work together to provide appealing motivation for youth and newcomers. His books are also praised by a number of notable individuals, including renowned author Michael Beaudry. In November 2016, Pierre was awarded the National Assembly’s Medal of Honor. Pascale thanked her father for the honor in a Twitter post.

Furthermore, on 10 April 2015, Nadeau tweeted an old photo of her mother, France Nadeau, standing beside her husband in March 1960.

Nadeau grew up alongside her brother Sylvain Nadeau. She is also the goddaughter of Peter Jennings, a former Canadian-American journalist who died in August 2005.

Pascale’s Career in the Media

Pascale enrolled at a local university to study special needs education, but she dropped out after a year to pursue a career as a journalist. She began her career as a radio news reporter for CKAC in Montreal. She later worked for TQS and TV5, before joining Radio Canada in 1996.

Pascale has also worked as a journalist for CBC television shows such as Enjeux and Montreal Tonight. Nadeau has been the weekend host for Radio Canada’s flagship newscast Le Telejournal since September 2008.

The annual salary of a news reporter in Canada is estimated to be $56,730. Given Nadeau’s stature, she definitely summons a little more.

Relationship Status: Single?

Pascale Nadeau not only has a successful media career, but she also has a glamorous off-screen life. Martin Cloutier, the talented veteran journalist, is accompanying her on her marriage journey. Martin is TVA and LCN’s Chief Information Officer. He previously served as General Manager of LCN for five years before joining as CIO in 2007.

According to Dany Bouchard’s article in the Journal de Montreal, the reason for his reassignment was to spend more time with his wife, Pascale. Dany had only met Pascale twice before as a GM: at Christmas and in July.

Pascale, unlike her professional career, does not feel compelled to reveal details about her private life. Aside from the fact that she is married, Nadeau has been tight-lipped about her relationship journey or any previous love life she may have had. Furthermore, information about her wedding date and location is only available on social media.

However, it is known that she and her husband have a beautiful daughter named Alexandra. The family appears to be complete and having a great time together.

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