Nona Gaye, a Wonderful Singer: Take A Look At Her Dating History And Boyfriend!

Her melodies are simply too lovely for any man or woman to bear. The more you listen to her song, the more you fall in love with your boyfriends.

Yes, today we honor Nona Gaye, the queen of romance, who has inspired many people to explore their romantic side and become completely devoted for the sake of love via her romantic renditions.

Is the romance queen simply romantic in her songs, or has she expressed her romantic side to any man and secretly married? So, let’s learn more about Nona Gaye and her dating and married lives.

Nona Gaye- Relationship Status

When it comes to the lady’s romantic side, she seems to have passionately fallen in love with Prince Rogers Nelson, a musician in the early 1990s. According to, the Lady is alleged to have dated the man when she was eighteen years old. Despite the age difference of around sixteen years, the lady continued to date Prince and was seen with him at numerous gatherings and occasions.

However, the couple’s romance ended after three years of dating. According to, on November 17, 2003, when discussing the relationship following the breakup, the lady said:

“I was in love or infatuation,I just thought he was beautiful.When we split three years later, my heart was shattered.”

According to Contact on May 8, 2003, she confessed that she was unknown to the man while being in a relationship with the Prince for years. She stated:

 “I never really knew him, and I never let him really know me. I tried to be this woman I thought he wanted – very passive, letting him lead. He told a friend of mine he was going to marry me and take care of me. I knew I wouldn’t get anything better than that from him, so I believed it.”

She did not only express her feelings, but she also revealed how the man proposed to Mayte Garcia, a belly dancer, in front of a large crowd at a show. She commented,

“After that, we were in New York, and he asked me to come see his show. Mayte, one of his dancers, flashed the engagement ring he’d given her from the stage. When I asked him about it afterward, he was very evasive and defensive. I haven’t spoken to him since. It upsets me that we ended things that way because at one point he was really, really important to me.”

It must be difficult for the lady to see her partner propose to another woman right in front of her eyes. It could have destroyed her to have her man, whom she had planned to marry someday, suddenly leave her life.

It’s been more than a decade since the pair split up. Mayte is currently reported to be single, while the male is reported to be deceased.

Prince died in an unusual manner on April 21, 2016, at the age of 57. He was discovered dead in an elevator of the Carver County Sheriff’s Office at Paisley Park in Chanhassen. While the true cause of his death has yet to be determined, his dating history has undoubtedly turned the heads of his followers due to his popular dating acts with females such as Manuela Testolin (2001-2006), Susannah Melvoin (1985-1986), and Sheila E. (1978).

However, there is no evidence that Nona Gaye is dating another man, nor that she is planning to marry. However, there is a potential that she has married her man and is living somewhere far away with her spouse and their children. We’ll never know because the lady herself discloses the truth!

Nona Marvisa Gaye, who rose to prominence through romantic songs, movies, and a modeling career, has amassed a net worth of $ 3 million. At the age of 42, she amassed a sizable net worth from her modeling career and acting in films such as Ali (2001), for which she received a Black Reel Award for best-supporting actress in 2002, The Gospel (2005), and Blood and Bone (2006).

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