Nikki SooHoo Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Instagram, Weight

Nikki SooHoo is a well-known actress who has dazzled audiences with her superb portrayal of roles. She has been in the entertainment industry for nearly a decade. Without a doubt, the lady’s abilities have improved with each passing day.

Nikki’s distinct roles and styles have earned her a large number of fans and followers. Hopefully, this fan following will grow significantly in the coming days.

Nikki SooHoo: Age, Family

Nikki SooHoo, a well-known television actress, was born on August 20, 1988. She is 30 years old. The Los Angeles, California native stands 5 feet 3 inches tall (1.6 meters). Nikki is of Asian descent, as her family roots are in China.

In terms of siblings, Nikki has a brother named Michael SooHoo. Her married brother has a family of his own, including a wife and children.

Nikki is close to her sister-in-law, Janet, as well as her parents and brother. Nikki also enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew.

Nikki’s family bond, hopefully, serves as an example for many modern families who prefer a small family.

Nikki SooHoo’s Boyfriend

Nikki had a long-term relationship with Shakaib Siddiq. She was open about her relationship with her boyfriend and frequently appeared in public with him.

Nikki, on the other hand, hasn’t shared any photos of herself with Shakaib in years. She has also not appeared in public with him. As a result, it appears that the two are no longer together.

Nikki’s close relationship with Tyler Bertain highlights her breakup with Shakaib. Many of Nikki’s fans believe she is in a relationship with AuditArmor owner Tyler Bertain.

Although neither of them has confirmed their relationship, their time together speaks volumes. Nikki and Tyler enjoy spending quality time together.

Hopefully, the two will soon confirm to their fans the nature of their relationship. If the two are already dating, her fans always wish for them to be together for the rest of their lives.

Salary – Movies / TV Shows

Nikki SooHoo, a phenomenal dancer, has made a name for herself in television and film.

Audiences praised Nikki’s performances in the films The Lovely Bones, Stick It, and Bring It On: Fight to the Finish. Similarly, her performance in the TV show Shimmer and Shine is well received by the audience.

Nikki has also provided her voice for commercials, video games, and feature films in addition to TV shows.

Nikki graciously accepts every lovely role that her life bestows upon her. Nikki dared to enter the theatre after her roles in major Hollywood films. Nikki has mastered theatre through her brilliant portrayal of characters.

Nikki must have amassed a sizable amount of property and net worth as a result of her efforts to date.

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