Social Media Influencer Nikita Dragun Talks About Her ‘Friend’ James Charles Amid Controversy Surrounding the Latter!

James Charles, a beauty influencer, had a rough start to the year 2021. He was first accused of grooming minor boys and sending them sexual texts and photos via Snapchat.

After that, Nikita Dragun lost a lot of subscribers, and many people asked for him to be taken off of networks like YouTube and Snapchat. He also squandered lucrative commercial relationships with Morphe and YouTube Originals.

As a result, several well-known persons denounced his actions and disavowed him. Nikita Dragun, a fellow YouTuber and beauty influencer, has always had nothing but positive things to say about him.

James Charles and Nikita Dragun are still friends

Despite everything, Dragun and Charles are still friends. Dragun recently told The Hollywood Fix that she still spoke to Charles and that he was doing well in an interview on August 21, 2021.

This is unsurprising given Dragun’s history of controversies. She backed the Lopez Brothers, Tony and Ondreaz, who were accused of grooming kids earlier this year. Similarly, she stood behind Charles during his battle with Westbrook in the past. She went so far as to post screenshots defending Charles against Westbrook’s claims.

Nikita Dragun
Source: Verve Times

As a result, it does not appear that Dragun will abandon his friendship with Charles anytime soon.

Drama and a Comeback for James Charles

Charles’ controversies began in May of this year, when he was involved in a drama with Tati Westbrook. Westbrook exposed Charles’ bad behavior in a now-deleted video dubbed ‘Bye Sister.’ She chastised him for requiring a straight man to accompany him. She also said that he used his celebrity to threaten and ruin those who refused his offer.

She also pointed out that Charles blamed himself for coercing others yet he was the one who was coercing them. Makeup entrepreneur Jeffree Star backed Westbrook, calling Charles a “threat to society” in a now-deleted post.

Charles retaliated vehemently, persuading his supporters that Westbrook and Star were lying. In this way, Charles established himself as a good guy in the eyes of his supporters. As a result, Westbrook took a break from social media, while Star went about his business as usual.

Shane Dawson, a newcomer to the field, was accused of molestation, racism, and pedophilia a year later, and the YouTube beauty community was in ruins. Westbrook stated in a video titled “Breaking My Silence…,” released in June 2020, that Star and Dawson coerced her to film the “Bye Sister” video.

Two of them, she claimed, provided her “poisonous tales” about Charles. As a result, she was compelled to make the video. Star and Dawson tried everything they could to refute the accusations, but it was in vain. Then, by a strange twist of fate, everything Star and Dawson had intimated about Charles turned out to be correct. Accusations against Charles quickly spread like wildfire.

He was accused of targeting children on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat and sending nudes to them. Charles, on the other hand, continued to defend himself and refuted the allegations.

He apologized for flirting with underage boys in a video titled “Holding myself accountable” that he uploaded on April 1, 2021. He claimed he only messaged two boys and that the rest were all bogus. On July 3, 2021, he erased that video and replaced it with a new one titled ‘An Open Conversation.’ He addressed the subject once more, saying he was getting better.

Unfortunately, the video did not go over well. It was even labeled “YouTube’s Most Disliked After Comeback” by Forbes. Charles, on the other hand, has continued to produce content for YouTube and Instagram.

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