Nico Mirallegro Dating, Homosexuality, Family, and Net Worth

Getting an acting gig might be difficult. One can attend dozens of auditions and still be unsuccessful.

Nico Mirallegro, on the other hand, is an exception to that rule. He earned the character of Newton in the TV serial series Hollyoaks while he was a student at Manchester School of Acting in 2007. And the character itself thrust him into the limelight.

Nico is currently preparing to star in the hit television drama Our Girl in 2020.

Nico’s Girlfriend: Who Is She? Dating Status

The actor is notorious for keeping his dating life a mystery. Despite being in the public eye for over a decade, Nico has never revealed a single detail about his love life.

There is currently no information available regarding his ex-girlfriends or current girlfriend. Nico’s ability to keep secrets has resulted in zero reports about his dating status.

It’s reasonable to wonder if he’s gay in the lack of a partner or female companion in his life. He has not, however, disclosed anything about his homosexuality.
Despite being coy about his real-life gay/straight relationships, Nico’s reel romances are on display for the public to see. He made his television debut in 2010 as Jamie in the BBC sitcom Moving On. There, he portrays a gay man who is bullied because of his sexual orientation.

Additionally, Nico portrayed a character named Finn Nelson on the television show My Mad Fat Diary. Finn develops feelings for a girl named Earl during the series (played by Sharon Rooney).

Fans can enjoy Nico’s romantic exploits on-screen until Nico comes clean about his dating life.

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Family & Wealth

Nico is 28 years old and hails from a mixed-race household. His mother is of Irish ancestry, while his father is of Sicilian ancestry. Additionally, he has a younger sister, Claudia Marissa. Regrettably, Nico’s parents divorced while he was a child.

The actor struggled financially as a child growing up in England with his single mother. He did, however, spend a brief period in Spain with his father. Nico’s father put him to a wealthy school there, in stark contrast to his life in England. According to the Hollyoaks actor, he felt isolated in that location.

Despite his childhood troubles, the actor, who stands at 5 feet 11 inches (1.78 m), found solace in acting and finally created a career out of it. He now has 34 acting credits to his name.
Nico’s filmography includes a number of television films, including The Ark, Virtuoso, and Diana and I. Additionally, he has appeared in television programs such as Lol, Doctors, Upstairs Downstairs, and The Village.

Although his net worth is unknown, he earns more than $400 every episode in his gigs, which is more than the typical income for a soap actor.

Nico’s net worth will improve in the next years as a result of new initiatives such as Our Girl and Burners.

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