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Michael Oher’s marriage has been the subject of much speculation. When searching for Michael Oher’s wife on Google, one of the first hits is Tabitha Soren. And, while Soren is indirectly linked to him, she is not his wife. So, who is Tabitha Soren?

Michael Oher Tabitha Soren
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Soren is an American fine art photographer and former NBC and ABC reporter. She is, in fact, the wife of Michael Lewis, an American financial journalist.

Lewis is also the author of ‘The Blind Side,’ a 2006 book about Oher’s troubled childhood, adoption into the Tuohy family, and rise to prominence as a football player. The book was then adapted into a 2009 film of the same name.

Information about Oher’s Real Wife and Kids

To say the least, Oher’s real wife remains a mystery. There is relatively little available information regarding his wife and children. She does, however, have a private Instagram account with the identity @7tiff4tiff.

Furthermore, according to numerous accounts, Other’s wife’s name is Tiffany Michelle Roy. Sean Tuohy Jr., Director of Football Operations for UCF Football, disclosed Oher’s wife’s face in an Instagram post on August 10, 2015.

Oher, Leigh Anne Tuohy, Collins Tuohy Smith, Sean Tuohy, and Tuohy Jr. were also in the photo. Oher was adopted by the Tuohy family, specifically Sean Tuohy and his wife, Leigh Anne, in case you didn’t know.

As a result, the former NFL star and his wife Tiffany maintain a positive relationship with the Tuohy family. In another case, Oher’s wife made headlines after he was involved in a notorious Uber incident.

Michael Oher The Blind Side
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Oher is accused of assaulting an Uber driver while inebriated in July 2017. He had requested the driver, Girma Berkessa, to follow the car in which his “wife” was seated, according to Girma Berkessa.

When he alerted Oher that the car they were following was missing its direction, Oher struck him. The former American football player challenged the driver, believing he was attempting to defraud him by charging him more money.

Later that year, in October, Oher appeared in court for a hearing. Neither the accuser nor the defendant, however, made their statements public.

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