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Nathaniel Diggs

Walker Taye Diggs has a celebrity son named Nathaniel Diggs. He is an American actor and singer who is best known for his roles in the Broadway musicals “Rent” and “Hedwig,” among others. In addition, Taye appeared in films such as “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” “The Best Man Holiday,” and others.

Walker Taye Diggs: Net Worth and Salary

We suppose it’s too early to talk about Walker Nathaniel Diggs’ net worth because he’s still a child, but his father, Taye Diggs, has a massive net worth as of 2020.

Nathaniel Diggs
Nathaniel Diggs with his father ( Source: Pinterest)

The 50-year-old actor/singer has a net worth of $14 million, according to some online sources. Taye made his fortune as a Broadway actor, singer, and finally as a guest star on a variety of television shows and films.

When it comes to Taye Diggs’ Broadway debut, he starred in the 1994 revival of the musical “Carousel.” The show was nominated for five Tony Awards, putting the 50-year-old actor/singer on the map.

Walker Taye Diggs: Bio, Age, Wiki

Unfortunately, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel’s marriage did not last long, but they did have a wonderful son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs. Nathaniel turned 11 in 2020, and after Taye and Idina’s divorce, he is in the custody of his father.

Diggs and Menzel called their marriage off in 2013 after ten years of marriage. According to Nicki Swift, the former couple met in 1995 while working on the Broadway hit “Rent.” Their divorce was announced in a joint statement, but neither of them stated why they were divorcing.

Nathaniel Diggs
Nathaniel Diggs with his father ( Source: Pinterest)

While some fans speculated that Diggs was cheating on Medina or vice versa, none of these rumors came to fruition because both parties have remained tight-lipped since their split. It’s been almost seven years since the former couple divorced, and there hasn’t been a word from them.

Is Walker Nathaniel Diggs Okay With His Dad’s Girlfriend?

Taye Diggs introduced his new girlfriend, as well as his son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, to the world in 2019. It’s clear that Taye had an awkward time introducing his girlfriend to his son, but it appears that Walker is fine with his dating entering the scene.

According to People Magazine, Taye admitted that having his son Walker meet his then-new girlfriend was stressful. However, things went well for the Broadway actor, as Walker approved his new girlfriend’s relationship.

In an interview with People in 2019, Taye said,

“I started dating someone, which was a little stressful at first, but I introduced her to him [Walker], and they get along swimmingly. That was fun because we just went out and decorated the entire house for Halloween.”

Taye went on to say,

How do you like the new lady, I inquired? ‘It’s good,’ he says. When she speaks to me, she does not use a high tone of voice. She speaks to me in a mature manner. And he’s like, ‘It’s done as soon as you do that,’ but she speaks to him like an adult, and he respects that.”