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Some people work for years to garner media recognition, while others do so almost immediately after birth. Nathaneal Spader, the son of well-known actor James Spader, falls into the latter category.

Nathaneal Spader- Early Life

Leslie Stefanson’s partner and James Spader’s son Nathaneal Spader is an actor. He was born on August 31, 2008, and in 2023, he will be 15 years old. Since 2002, Nathaneal’s parents have not been married.

Nathaneal’s parents are also private people who don’t want their life to be made public. As a result, there is no social networking platform available. They also keep their child out of the public eye. The couple never takes their son to public events; the public only sees him when paparazzi photograph him on the street.

The type of relationship Nathaneal has with his paternal half-brothers Sebastian Spader, and Elijah Spader cannot be fully stated due to Nathaneal’s quiet lifestyle and lack of social media presence.

Nathaniel Spader Net worth 2022/2023

Nathaniel Spader is currently a student with no occupation. As a result, he has no personal income or net worth and must rely on his parents to make ends meet.

Nathaneal Spader Father
Source: CelebrityInfoInsider

Nathaneal’s parents, fortunately, are well-to-do and enjoy a comfortable life in New York. Leslie Stefanson, his mother, was a former model and actress who now creates bronze and terracotta sculptures.

James Spader, his father, is a seasoned actor who has appeared in a number of renowned television shows and films, including Secretary, Lincoln, and The Blacklist. By 2020, his net worth is expected to be about $2 million.

Relationship Status

James Spader is available for dates. He married Leslie Stefanson in 2002, and the couple welcomed a son named Nathaneal in August 2008. They are now in a relationship, and there is no sign of them breaking up.

Victoria Kheel, his first wife, has two children named Elijah and Sebastian Spader. They divorced in 2004 after 17 years for an unclear reason.

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