Musician Questlove has a new home where he wants to grow old!

Questlove tweeted numerous times in November 2020 about finally finding a place where he doesn’t mind going gray. He even joked on whether or not his partner would agree to his playing loud music in his home.

Questlove, a musician who goes by the moniker Ahmir Khalib Thompson, keeps his personal life private. On a few instances, however, he has brought up his girlfriend.

In November 2020, the drummer joked that he had finally found a spot where he didn’t mind turning gray and that he wished his fiancée would let him play loud music in his home.

Questlove’s New Home in New York

When Questlove appeared on a YouTube video to answer the internet’s most frequently asked questions about him, he referenced his girlfriend once more.

One of the questions asked of the 50-year-old drummer in the video broadcast by Wired on December 14, 2020 was where he lived. He explained that he was reared in Philadelphia but moved to Manhattan after being called up by Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Following COVID-19, Questlove purchased a home in upstate New York. He gently added that his fiancée refers to their new residence as a “Chateau” and that it is “sort of amazing.”

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In many tweets from November 2020, the musician discussed his new home, saying that he had finally discovered a spot where he wouldn’t mind aging old. In the same sequence of tweets, the drummer casually referenced his fiancée while expressing concern for her reaction to his loud music.

Relationship Status

Questlove, who was born on January 20, 1971, has had a varied career. Fans are curious about what’s going on in the musician’s life. The drummer and co-frontman of the band The Roots, on the other hand, hasn’t shared any photos of his better half on social media. The drummer, on the other hand, added fuel to the fire by mentioning his “lover” multiple times without really revealing her name.

Questlove Girlfriend
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Questlove said in an interview with Rolling Stone that his girlfriend sent him the book and audio version of The Gene Keys. He went on to say that he listened to the book for half an hour each day and that it had helped him improve.

He divulged little about his girlfriend, but when he admired her as a hero, he revealed her name—Gracie. There have been rumors that Gracie is Usher’s ex-wife, Grace Miguel. However, since there have been no formal confirmations, suspicions about whether Gracie was previously married to Usher are largely hearsay.

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