‘Money Heist’ Final Season Discussed by the Cast Refusing to Rule Out the possibilty of Spin-off

Money Heist, also known as La Casa De Papel, is an excellent example of how a well-written and well-produced show can succeed internationally even if it is not in English. The show has amassed a tremendous fan base all around the world since its debut in 2017.

The Netflix series is currently in its fifth and final season. It’s shaping up to be the show’s most thrilling, emotional, and action-packed episode ever. Is there, however, anything that can happen beyond the end?

Possibility of ‘Money Heist’ Spinoffs

In an interview with Variety, the show’s hearts, creator and writer Alex Pina, as well as cast members Ursula Corbero (Tokyo) and Alvaro Morte (The Professor), discussed a variety of topics. The show’s future beyond season 5 was one of the subjects explored.

None of them were eager to say their final goodbyes to the show. They were all hesitant to rule out the prospect of revisiting the story in the future. The way the story has been told in the four seasons that are now available, probably in the fifth, makes revisiting Money Heist much simpler. The show uses a lot of flashbacks and cutaways to give viewers a sense of what’s going on in the story.

As a result, the options for spinoffs are virtually limitless. Any character might make a cameo at any point in the story, and the plot could be prolonged to any length. Pina stated that while there were no imminent plans for additional seasons or episodes, she wanted to wait until the last season was released before making any decisions.

The two actors, for their part, were still invested in their characters and the show as a whole. Corbero mentioned that she hadn’t said her goodbyes to Tokyo after the event ended.

“After we wrapped filming, I decided not to say my goodbyes to Tokyo. It was too painful, so I determined to have her with me for the rest of my life, and I never turn down an opportunity,” she explained. But she also realized she needed to move on to other pursuits for the time being.

Morte shared these sentiments. While expressing satisfaction with the show’s conclusion, he noted, “It would be a pleasure to return to The Professor.” “Anything is possible.”

Season 5 of ‘Money Heist’: How Did It Get Here?

The first episode of La Casa De Papel aired on May 3, 2017. And it wasn’t Netflix that initially broadcasted the masterpiece to the world. Instead, it was a small Spanish broadcaster called Antena 3. However, Diego Avalos, Netflix Spain’s VP of original programming, viewed the show on his flight from Spain to Los Angeles. He also chose to watch the show on Netflix before arriving in LA.

Money Heist
Source: Collider

On July 1, 2017, the streaming service made the show available on its site. It has since become the most-watched non-English-language series on Netflix, as well as one of the most-watched shows of all time.

All that’s left now is to wait for the last episode of the show to air. The first volume will be available on Netflix on September 3, followed by the second volume on December 3. But don’t despair if you reach the end of season five and feel as though you’ve reached the end of an era. A Korean adaptation of Money Heist is already in the works, according to Netflix and Alex Pina.

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