Mokoia Bennett Mother, Karin Horen Had Been Battling Breast Cancer And Had Won The Battle

Manu Bennett, a well-known New Zealand actor, has a daughter named Mokoia Bennett.

Mokoia Bennett- Wiki and Facts

Full Name Mokoia Bennett
First Name Mokoia
Last Name Bennett
Date of Birth October 15, 2010
Age 13 years
Profession Celebrity Kid
Father Name Manu Bennett
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Karin Horen
Mother Profession Israeli Socialite
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Libra
Siblings Pania Bennett and Huia Bennett

Parents of Mokoia

Manu Bennett (father) and Karin Horen (mother) have a daughter named Mokoia (mother). Her father, Manu, is a New Zealander. He is most recognized for his roles in the TV series Spartacus as Crixus and the Shannara Chronicles as Allanon. Her mother, Karin, is an Israeli socialite. “I Am More Than My Tits: Surviving Breast Cancer” is another book she wrote. She had been in the military and had lived in a number of places, including Israel during the Gulf War.

What brought Mokoia’s Parents Together?

Manu and Karin originally met in Sydney, Australia, in 2005. Karin was in Australia on holiday. Karin and Manu started dating, and Manu moved to Auckland after landing a role in Spartacus. They tied the knot in 2006. Manu has three children with his ex-wife. Mokoia has two siblings, Pania and Huia Bennett.

Manu Bennett and Karin Horen Are No Longer Together?

Mokoia’s parents divorced in the year 2017. Karin had mentioned that they both had trouble communicating effectively. She also said that she is to blame for not telling her ex-husband many things that she should have. She had reason to believe Manu was unfaithful, but she chose to remain silent because he was the family breadwinner. She’d seen photographs of breasts in texts Manu had gotten from other women.

She also received letters and emails from other women claiming to know Manu and frightening her with dire consequences if she did not avoid him. She felt alone and abandoned. Manu wants both a family and independence and Karin stated that she wanted to be Manu’s main priority. They don’t see one other as much as they used to. When the Bennett family went on vacation, Manu wanted to bring other females with her. The spark in their relationship diminished with time, and the pair eventually split up.

Karin Horen Is a Breast Cancer Survivor Twice

Mokoia’s mother has had two breast cancer diagnoses. She was diagnosed with cancer for the first time when she was 26 years old. But she fought fiercely and managed to flee. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, she was around 40 years old. Pania, her youngest child, was only a year old at the time and had already divorced Manu. Karen’s cancer battle became tougher for her, both physically and mentally. Her children, on the other hand, were her pillars of strength at her darkest hour, and she fought disease like a warrior and conquered.

Mokoia Bennett’s Net Worth 2022/2023

Mokoia is most likely a child who is oblivious to her parents’ prosperity. While her father, Manu, had built a wealth of around $1.5 million, he had done it through his acting career. The net worth of the actors from the television series “Arrow” is listed below.

Mokoia Bennett- Family Spends Quality Time With Her

Following her parents’ divorce, Mokoia currently lives with her mother. Her father lives three hours and fifteen minutes away from her mother. Karen and Manu are co-parenting their three kids. Mokoia may be seen enjoying fun with her brother and father, Manu Bennett, in the photo below.

Mokoia spends a good deal of time with both of her parents. Her parents continue to post images of her with them on social media. She also enjoys going on vacations with her family, especially with her parents and siblings.

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