MMA Fighter Urijah Faber and His Fiancée Have Two Adorable Kids!

Urijah Faber


Urijah Faber, an MMA fighter, and his model fiancée are a dream pair! Faber, an MMA fighter, and his soon-to-be wife, Jaslyn, have two gorgeous children. The mixed martial artist, his baby mother, and their children, Cali and Rome, are all featured in cheerful family photographs on the Fabers’ Instagram profiles.

Parents to Two Adorable Kids

On March 7, 2019, Faber and his partner, Jaslyn Renee Ome, announced their pregnancy on Instagram after almost a year of dating.

A sequence of photographs from their pregnancy photoshoot followed the announcement. In the same post, Jaslyn, who was glowing with pregnancy, wrapped her hands around her tummy, exposing the ring on her finger for all to see. Despite the fact that the pair never announced their engagement, it was clear that they were engaged. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Cali Faber, on March 14, 2019. However, Jaslyn’s journey to parenting was not without setbacks, as an ectopic pregnancy resulted in a torn fallopian tube and internal hemorrhage. Thankfully, the mother-daughter team was aided in the recovery process by an emergency operation.

Urijah Faber Kids
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The Fabers received their second child, a son, a year and a half later. Rome Faber was born on October 12, 2020, and is already a celebrity on his parents’ Instagram accounts. The mixed martial artist and his model fiancee are now parenting their children. Urijah took to Instagram on October 2, 2020, ten days before Rome was born, to share his excitement about how much of a change it meant for a family of three to upgrade to a family of four.

They also started an Instagram account called FaberFam, where they share heartfelt photos of their family. After scrolling through the account, one will undoubtedly develop baby fever!

In a Relationship Since 2018

In 2018, Faber began dating Jaslyn Ome, the Playboy magazine’s Miss April 2013 and an Audi model.

Urijah Faber fiance
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On March 31, 2018, she made her first appearance on her boyfriend’s Instagram account. “Found my new career: Professional Bikini Fluffer,” the model captioned the post, which included some behind-the-scenes shots from her bikini session.

Similarly, Jaslyn’s first regular announcement of her relationship to her followers came in October of 2018.

She shared a sweet snapshot of herself and Faber with the message, “With you, this has been the best year yet, and I have a feeling the best is still to come. @urijahfaber, I adore you. #wemadeitoutofthefriendzone”

Since then, they’ve shared photographs of and with one other on social media, giving their admirers significant ‘couple goals.’ He expressed his gratitude for having a loving partner on Valentine’s Day in 2020 on Instagram.

Despite their openness to their children and family, the couple prefers to keep their relationship details private. Despite the fact that they have been together for nearly three years, there has been no word about their marriage.

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