Miranda Lambert’s Weight Loss Journey Was Helped By Her Husband!

Miranda Lambert has had her share of romantic difficulties in her life. Her tumultuous personal life included a high-profile romance with Blake Shelton, a fellow country star.

After dating for around five years, the couple married in May 2011. The marriage, however, did not stand the test of time, and the couple split in July 2015. Miranda Lambert began dating American musician Anderson East shortly after the divorce. She dated fellow songwriter Evan Felker after their breakup. But, like the fling, it didn’t last long.

Lambert’s weight was unsteady, just like her relationships. Throughout her life, she went through various weight-gain and weight-loss cycles. She wasn’t even comfortable in her own skin, to be honest.

But with time, everything changed, and she even found stability in her personal life.

Miranda Lambert’s Weight Gain Throughout Her Life

Lambert flaunted a big alteration in her body in early 2010 when she shed a stunning 20 pounds. Many of her fans assumed she had undergone weight loss surgery because of her extraordinary and seemingly instantaneous transformation.

However, in a November 2013 interview with People, the 37-year-old debunked the claims, claiming that she gained weight in a healthy and old-fashioned way.

She also mentioned that she kept a strict diet and worked with Bill Crutchfield, her personal trainer. They practiced cardio, circuit training, body weight, and resistance band workouts, according to her.

The Texas native then was frank about her weight loss journey over the years in a new interview with Health magazine in April 2020. She mentioned that she was prone to weight gain and that she didn’t have a workout program or a specialized diet.

Lambert clarified that she ate carelessly at times and gained weight as a result. But as soon as she became aware of her weight gain, she began practicing pilates and exercising out.

The singer of ‘Mama’s Borken Heart’ even discussed body positivity. She admitted she wasn’t always thrilled with her weight at first. Then she recounted a story that forever impacted her perspective.

According to her accounts, a fan of her age and size contacted her and revealed that she had thrown away her scale because she found Lambert quite comfortable.

Lambert understood she needed to rock whatever size she was in after the confession. Overall, she recognized the need of self-assurance and acceptance.

Miranda Lambert’s Husband Aids Her Weight Loss

Lambert revealed in the same interview with Health magazine that her husband Brendan McLoughlin assisted her in losing weight. The country singer said he’d go for a pity run with her and finish his training as well.

He’d also advise Lambert to be mindful of her sweat sessions and to exercise often. Even if she despised them at the time, she acknowledged that she would be grateful for them afterwards.

Lambert’s fitness-obsessed husband has unquestionably been a good impact in her life. He has not only helped her maintain her weight, but he has also brought steadiness to her personal life.

After dating for two and a half months, the couple married in January 2019. They kept their marriage a secret, though, and eventually declared it on Valentine’s Day of that year.

“I fell in love with the love of my life. And then we got married! “In an Instagram post, the gifted singer introduced her NYPD officer husband.

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