Melissa Mollet Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Melissa Mollet is a Gaithersburg native who works as a traffic reporter for News4. During her college years, she worked as an intern at NBC4 in three different departments.

She later returned to News4 Today as a reporter in 2010. Her long hours on the network earned her an Emmy for her Rescuers Rescued story from 2013, in which she detailed a Beltway accident involving a fire truck.

Melissa has covered everything from the 10th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings to the 2008 Democratic National Convention and several American Idol finales in Los Angeles.

Relationship Status: Single?

Melissa is married to a man who was born on March 12th, the same day as her beloved father, twenty-five years apart. Mellissa thinks the coincidence is incredible.

Melissa has been married to Jake Schaller, a sportswriter-turned-attorney, for more than a decade and a half. Overall, the journey has been a roller-coaster ride. The ride was rougher at first because the husband-wife team went through a lot of turmoil while trying to expand their family.

Melissa and Jake predicted that future pregnancies would be easy after having their first child. However, destiny had other plans for them, who loved the idea of having multiple kids running around the house.

The Story of Becoming Pregnant Against All Odds

Melissa and Jake sought the help of a fertility specialist after a year of trying for a second child and discovered that it was the relatively common “unexplained infertility” that was preventing them from becoming pregnant.

After three years of blood draws, procedures, medications, and shots, nothing worked. The couple eventually decided on adoption, and they adopted a beautiful baby girl named Barrett Mae.

Melissa became pregnant seemingly out of nowhere, after much heartache and sadness. She said that it was her angel baby, Barrett, who brought another baby into the family as she gave birth to the miracle baby and named her Colette Ryan after her brother.

The family of five now lives in Maryland, with Norm, the mohawked Mini Goldendoodle, serving as the family mascot.

Melissa: Age, Family

Melissa, 40, has been a member of the forties club since her 40th birthday on April 29th, 2019. She and her twin brother, Ryan Mollet, grew up watching their parents’ happy marriage. Their parents instilled in them the value of family and relationships, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The Gaithersburg High School graduate, who stands to an unspecified height, is a family-oriented individual who makes herself available to her family despite her hectic schedule.

In addition, she has excelled in her professional life. Aside from making a name for herself in the industry, she must have amassed a sizable salary, which eventually accrued to her tottering net worth.

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