Mel Rodriguez Shares Details About His Married Life With His Partner! Dispelling Gay Rumors

While portraying a role/character with conviction, the audience may be led to believe that the character represents the actor’s true personality.

Mel Rodriguez is a comparable case. He has portrayed the gay character in the sitcom Getting On with such conviction that some have speculated that he is indeed gay in real life.

Regrettably, gentlemen, the perception has been debunked, as Mel has confirmed his marriage to his wife.

Relationship: Are You Married To Your Partner? Gay? Or are you single?

Mel Rodriguez is not single; he is married to Desiree Dundr Rodriguez, with whom he shares a daughter, Stella Rodriguez.

Mel and Desiree began dating more than a decade ago. The lovebirds finally tied the knot after an extended courtship. The acclaimed actor wore a brown suit on the day of their wedding. On the other hand, his bride wore a sleeveless gown.

While life is difficult in many ways, it becomes lovely when one finds a companion with whom to share both joys and sorrows.

Mel’s wife Desiree has been his pillar of strength and support throughout his life. Mel expressed his gratitude for the wonderful occasion and valued the accomplishment via tweets on 17th January 2016.

After sharing the image above, the Getting On actor followed up with another tweet detailing his humble beginnings. He confessed that five years ago, he and his wife were homeless. The tweet read as follows:

When Mel is not at home, someone excitedly awaits his return; and that someone is his daughter, Stella.

Mel – who, like many of his Hollywood contemporaries, has been accused of being gay – uploaded a photo of his daughter, Stella. She is peering out the window, waiting for her father, and his wife, Desiree, captured the moment on camera.

Mel’s tweets, on the other hand, revealed a lot about his relationship with his wife and kid, and the family appeared to be content in their own paradise.

A Four-Person Family!

Mel and his wife Desiree were unsatisfied with raising only one child. And finally, after months of trying, the couple was blessed with a second daughter.

It wasn’t simple for them to conceive their second child. In November 2018, the pregnant mother documented her ordeals on Instagram. Desiree fell down a few stairs while still pregnant with their youngest daughter. She sustained a fractured fibula as a result of the incident.

Mel and Desiree had their second child in January 2019 after surviving the disaster.

With the arrival of their younger daughter, the Getting On star took to social media to flaunt his new addition.

Effectiveness in Obtaining

Mel is most remembered for his appearance as Nurse Patsy de la Serda in Getting On. Mel defined his character as such in a November 2014 interview:

Additionally, he viewed his role in Getting On as a respite from television due to its complexity and layered nature.

Mel revealed that while his father was encouraging, his mother was terrified when he expressed his desire to become an actor.

Mel was cast in a one-hour dark comedy series on YouTube Premium called On Becoming A God In Central Florida. The highly-anticipated YouTube series, set in the 1990s, stars Kirsten Dunst, George Clooney, and Beth Ditto.

In 2018, the film Overboard, which starred the 46-year-old actor as one of its leads, was a box-office smash. The picture grossed $91 million worldwide on a budget of $12 million.

Similarly, he narrated Andy Christie’s piece She Handed me a Cup from the Fountain of Youth.

Weight Loss Chronicles: On-Camera and Off-Camera

Obesity has been a major concern in the modern era, and Mel had the opportunity to express the feelings of a fat person in the film Fat as Ken, an obese guy.

While the film is about an overweight person, the premise of the film involves Mel’s character attempting to lose weight.

Mel conveyed the character’s anguish effectively, and his performance struck a chord with the audience.

According to sources, Mel candidly stated in September 2013 in National Post that he has had obstacles in the profession due to his girth.

Additionally, he said that the film assisted him in losing 30 pounds and motivated him to return to the gym in order to improve his health.

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