Megan Anderson Is Not Involved In Any Relationship At The Moment – Too Busy From MMA?

Megan Anderson is a mixed martial artist best known for her accomplishments in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Women’s Featherweight category (UFC).

She has also competed for the all-female MMA league Invicta Fighting Championships, where she was the previous Featherweight Champion.

She has a slew of admirers and fans who are eager to discover more about her life since her meteoric rise to fame. While many people are familiar with her professional accomplishments, little is known about her personal life.

Anderson has avoided discussing her personal relationships in public, leaving admirers in the dark as to whether she is married to a husband, dating a boyfriend, or still enjoying her single life.

Megan Anderson previously stated that she did not have a boyfriend

Even though she had no fights scheduled, the 31-year-old fighter came to Twitter in June 2015 to say that she was always training and staying in condition to ensure she was ready for the fight on any given day. Her statements were followed with a selfie in the mirror, in which she flaunted her toned physique.

@MeganA mma
I may not have a bout scheduled, but I’m always training and staying in shape, so I’m always prepared! There is no such thing as an off season for this lady! #WMMA

One fan commented on her motivational remark, saying that her guy must be blessed to have her and deserved a high five. According to the tweet, “@MeganA mma @MeganA mma @MeganA mm wow! Wow…whoever your lover is right now deserves a high five.”

Anderson responded to the fan tweet right after, emphasizing that she didn’t have a boyfriend at the time and that she would rather take the high five. While congratulating her potential spouse, the fan subsequently tweeted that the MMA star was amazing and that she could have anybody she wanted.

Megan Anderson is solely concerned with her career

Since she was introduced to mixed martial arts and began training in 2013, the Queensland-born MMA star has been focused on her job. She also made her professional MMA debut in November of same year.

She has fought in 16 MMA fights thus far, winning 11 and losing 5 of them. She won five of her 11 fights by knockout, three by submission, and two by decision.

Her most recent fight was at UFC 259, where she was defeated by Amanda Nunes through a triangle armbar in the first round. Her six-bout contract with the UFC came to an end with the fight, and she is now a free agent when the promotion decided not to renew it.

Her career, however, is not confined to MMA; she has recently been seen on YouTube, actively marketing her work. She mainly speaks about bouts, MMA stars, and interviews people in the industry on her channel, The Megan Anderson Show.

Megan Anderson’s tattoos are quite popular among her fans

Anderson’s tattoos, which cover her entire body, are one among the many factors that make her battles exciting to witness. In addition, some of her tattoos have meaningful meanings. For example, on April 23, 2017, the renowned boxer announced that she had a tattoo behind her ear that signified life in a Facebook post.

She further mentioned that the tattoo was created after she had overcome sadness and anxiety. Anderson also has full-sleeved tattoos on both arms and full-sleeved tattoos on both hands.

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