Meet Zayne Wilson – Son of Late Mindy McCready’s and Late Boyfriend David Wilson

Zayne Wilson is the son of country music artists Mindy McCready and her late lover David Wilson. Mindy McCready’s son, Zayne, was born on April 9, 2012, and is currently seven years old. He is the only child of the deceased couple.

Zayne Wilson has a half-brother, Zander Ryan McCready, who is Mindy’s child with Billy Mcknight, despite the fact that Zayne Wilson has a step-brother, Zander Ryan McCready. Zayne’s half-brother, with whom he shares a mother, is six years his junior.

So Where Is Zayne Wilson Now?

Zayn Wilson is currently living with his family in the United States. Billy Knight, his biological father, lives with his half-brother Zander. According to Billy, Zayne and Zander see each other on a frequent basis. Today, both of them live their lives like any other lad their age. A few years ago, this was not the case. Zayne and his brother were survived by their late mother, Mindy McCready, and her late partner, David Wilson, prior to their deaths.

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Zayne Wilson
Caption: Zayne Wilson’s Parents Mindy McCready and David Wilson both committed suicide Source: Daily Mail

The custody of either of the children was in peril after Zayne lost both of his parents. Billy, Zander’s father, was arrested for domestic violence in 2005, and Zayne and his brother were placed in foster care. The boys had gone through a lot at such a young age, and they were finally given the loving homes they deserved after months and months of court battles: Zayne was sent to live with his relatives, and Zander was transferred to live with his father.

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Zayne Wilson’s Parents: Mindy McCready and David Wilson

When and how Zayne’s parents initially met is unknown. Mindy McCready was a gifted country singer whose debut album, “Ten Thousand Angels,” debuted at number five on the US charts and went on to sell millions of copies worldwide. David was a member of the Boom! Kinetic band, where he played the horn and was a music aficionado.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, he created a MySpace account for “Dave Wilson Productions” in 2008, which he self-described as “a young, innovative music production company based in Nashville” specializing in all genres of music and even offering supplemental services like web production and photography. The duo is reported to have met while working in the music industry.

Before David committed himself, Mindy, Zayne’s mother, was over heels in love with him and had intended to marry him. Mindy appears to have committed herself in the same manner as David, unable to cope with her grief at the loss of her life partner, as well as the issues surrounding her children’s custody as a result of her substance abuse. At the time of her death, Zayne was just ten months old.

Zayne Wilson – Name Meaning

“God is Merciful,” says Zayne, a Hebrew name.

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