Meet Tucker McFadden Wilkerson – Melissa Joan Hart’s Son and Husband Mark Wilkerson

Tucker McFadden Wilkerson

Melissa Joan Hart and her husband, American actor Mark Wilkerson, welcomed their son Tucker McFadden Wilkerson on September 18, 2012. Tucker is the eldest of the three children born to the couple. Tucker McFadden’s father, Mark Willerson, is a musician.

Tucker McFadden has two elder brothers, Mason Walter Wilkerson, 13, and Braydon Hart Wilkerson, 10.

Melissa Joan’s Son Tucker Loves To Hang Out With His Brothers

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Tucker already has two brothers with whom he can play, so he has plenty of friends at home. Melissa previously stated in an interview that her house makes the most noise when these three guys are at home. Tucker must have reveled in the fact that he was the smallest member of the bunch. When it comes to dancing, Tucker makes sure to show off his best moves versus his brother, which is what keeps his family entertained the most. It’s part of their post-feast performance.

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Tucker McFadden Wilkerson
Caption: Melissa Joan Hart and her three sons including Tucker McFadden Source: Melissa

In addition to the Christmas-gift-giving event, Tucker and his family engage in a variety of activities once winter arrives. They go to high mountains and engage in adventurous sports like skiing. Tucker’s skiing ability at such a young age is remarkable.

Melissa Joan’s Son Tucker McFadden Loves Going Church

Tucker’s family is religious, and they take their beliefs very seriously. Melissa claimed to be a Bible student presently, and that she attends a Presbyterian church. On exceptional occasions, they usually pay a visit to the church before dining.

There was considerable conflict when Hart’s son met a Jewish classmate at school and she advised her son about Jesus.

Tucker’s mother, Melissa McFadden, is regularly forced to leave her sons at home due to her rigorous work schedule.

She admitted on Instagram that being a working mom is challenging and that she dislikes saying goodbye.

Since she was a child, Melissa has been surrounded by the media. Melissa is unconcerned about the public’s spotlight on her children, as are some celebrity parents. She accepts her sons’ offer to appear in front of the camera with grace. Despite the fact that he isn’t old enough to worry, Tucker looked to be fine in front of the camera.

Tucker McFadden Wilkerson: Name Meaning

Tucker is an English surname meaning “golden heart.” The surname McFadden is a Scottish surname. It’s about Patrick’s son.

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