Meet The Third Child of Megan Fox And Brian Austin – Journey River Green!

Journey River Green, Megan Fox’s four-year-old son, was born in Los Angeles to actor Brian Austin Green and actress Megan Fox. He is the third child of Fox and Brian. Megan is committed to his younger child to the point where she moved to a new area for her third child, a boy.

Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green, Journey River Green two siblings, are all from the same family. His biological brother, Kassius, is his stepmother’s son.

Megan’s life after Marriage

While filming Hope & Faith, Megan met Brian. Green was 30 years old, while the actress was only 18. Because of the significant age gap between them, Green’s entry into the relationship was uneasy, but as an actress, she was more loud and confident. They got engaged in November 2006. They married on June 24, 2010, in a private ceremony, after dating for several years.

Journey River Green Parents
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They have three children together. The news of their divorce has become the current headline because they are already divorced. Singer Machine Gun Kelly is dating an actress. When he published his song Bloody Valentine, which had Fox in the music video, they made their relationship public. In November 2020, the Transformers actress filed for divorce from Green.

A Short Journey River Green is a source of contention

Fox and Brian, the parents of a newborn son, were involved in a court dispute. Fox accuses her ex-husband of being drunk in public and making her feel like a poor mother. Green had posted a photo of himself and his youngest child having fun on Halloween with other family members cropped out, making Fox feel insignificant.

She promptly responded to his message, urging him not to act as if she doesn’t care about her kids when there are other kids around, and that she had a great Halloween with them. The photograph was subsequently wiped and replaced with an original by Green.

Megan considered herself to be a sex icon

Megan Fox is a famous American model and actress. Her first film was Holiday in the Sun. After starring in the smash action film Transformers, Fox catapulted to popularity. The Transformers actress is recognized as a sex symbol due to her looks. She’s been featured in Maxim, Rolling Stone, and FHM, among other publications.


Fox is openly bisexual and believes that everyone is born with the ability to attract people of both genders. She also stated that she would never date a woman who is dating a man since she believes men are disgusting. Because she is asocial and has had sexual encounters with her childhood love and Brian Austin Green, she dislikes people’s perceptions of her as a “wild and crazy sexpot.” She was rated the sexiest lady in the world in 2008.

She was dubbed a “sex symbol of the highest type” and the “first bona fide sex symbol of the twenty-first century” by the Los Angeles Times.

Megan’s Potential Date Is Revealed to the Kids

In the year 2020, Megan’s boyfriend, Kelly, meets her children for the first time. Only a few days had passed since their beautiful evening in Santa Monica. She realized that introducing children to her lover was a sensible next step as the couple’s relationship grew.

They are inextricably intertwined, and they are jointly planning their future. Kelly is bonding with the kids and becoming an important part of their lives. The lovely couple enjoys spending as much time together as possible.

Ellen was dubbed a Fertility Good Luck Charm by Megan

During her visit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Megan referred to Ellen as a fertility good luck charm. Megan revealed that she was expecting her first child when she initially came on the show. When she returned to the show for the second time, she had recently given birth to another child.

On the show, she talked about her children and the challenges of shooting a film while pregnant with her second child, Bodhi. She was in the middle of filming Ninja Turtles, an action film that required her to sprint, leap, and perform stunts.

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