Meet The First Son Of Andrea Bocelli – Amos Bocelli!

Amos Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli’s first son, Amos Bocelli, is an Italian artist best known as a singer, composer, and record producer.

His siblings and cousins

His younger brother is Matteo Bocelli. His younger brother is a singer as well as a guitarist. With the support of his father, Matteo made his singing debut in 2018. Amos and his brother have a strong friendship.

In an interview, Matteo stated that he had never visited South Africa and that he and his brother Amos had promised themselves that they would.

Amos Bocelli Wife
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They finally made it to South Africa for Matteo’s performances in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Virginia, Amos’ half-sister from his father’s second marriage, is also a half-sibling.

His Relationships

He hasn’t said anything about his love life thus far. Naomi Tara Lievens is the woman with whom he appears to be involved. Naomi shared a photo with him on September 30, 2019, with hashtags like in love and baby, hinting that the two of them may have something in common.

“Wow, Pisces and Libra create a wonderful couple,” one of her admirers adds. It’s possible that they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend as a result of this. Whether or not they’re dating, the couple looks amazing together.

His net worth

His net worth has not yet been revealed. We assume, however, that as a musician and pianist, he must have made a decent life. According to Payscale, a piano player gets $29.36 per hour. In January 2014, he joined Bocelli’s commercial and management organization, Almud Edizioni Musicali.

He joined the board of directors of Brocelli’s nonprofit enterprise, ABF, two years later, in 2016. (Andrea Bocelli Foundation). Like his father and younger brother, he has a musical bent. He joined his father on the piano during his father’s live performance of “Love Me Tender.” Andrea’s album, Si, was released in 2018, and it was produced by the father-son duo. He played the piano in the acoustic versions of the songs Sono Qui and Ali di Liberta.

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