Meet The Boyfriend, Lesbian, and Parents of Lulu Antariksa!

Lulu Antariksa, an American actress, has been committed to her television roots since her debut in 2002.

Lulu Antariksa performance in the web program T@gged is building rising popularity with each passing day, despite the fact that she isn’t yet a household name.

The California native enjoys playing with her roles as an actress, and she even played the lesbian character, Penelope Park, in the drama Legacies.

Lulu Antariksa’s followers clearly discover a particular vibe in her look, with her stunning hazel-colored eyes and black hair. Furthermore, many of her well-wishers want to learn more about her history. So, let’s dig a little more into her personal life.

Early Life

Lauren Elizabeth-Marie Antariksa (full name: Lauren Elizabeth-Marie Antariksa) was born on August 22, 1995, in Santa Clarita, California.

Her father is of Indonesian origin, having immigrated from Jakarta, the country’s capital. Similarly, the actress’ mother, Kara Burger Antariksa, is of German descent, as are both of her parents.

As a result, Lulu, 28, is an equal blend of European and Asian ancestry. She is her parents’ youngest and only girl child. Her older brothers and sisters are Mark and Chris Antariksa. Lulu also has a third brother, the identity of whom has not yet been revealed.

During her time at Valencia High School, the artist was inspired to pursue a career in acting. She was very involved in several musicals put on by her school. She developed an interest in the plays of authors such as Arthur Miller at a young age.

Furthermore, her desire to pursue a profession in the performing arts emerged at the age of 15 after graduating from high school.

Relationship Status

While the actress’s on-screen love life is well-documented, Lulu Antariksa has kept her real-world dating life under wraps. However, there were reports in 2013 that she was dating singer Max Schneider. The two had previously worked together to create a film based on Max’s cover of You and I, which brought the two closer as friends.

Lulu and Max had an incredibly close friendship. However, the two never emerged as partners, leading many to conclude that the couple was never serious as lovers.

Lulu is allegedly single and concentrating on her acting profession for the time being.

Net Worth

Because the artist has only appeared in a few programs on a regular basis, her net worth isn’t large. Her talent agency hasn’t revealed anything either. Lulu, on the other hand, has earned money for marketing products in addition to her acting salary.

In 2016, she endorsed the stationary business May Designs, and a year later, she promoted Root and Branch Coffee. Because the T@gged actress also participated in a McDonald’s TV commercial, she must have received a sizable salary from the ad.

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