Meet Sinfony Rosales – Daniel Gibson’s Girlfriend After Splitting with Keyshia Cole

Sinfony Rosales, Daniel “Booby” Gibson’s girlfriend, is a well-known Instagram model who rose to prominence after her relationship with Booby. Rosales also made an appearance in Booby’s latest music video, “BOOby’s Up Remix.”

After parting up with Keyshia Cole, former basketball star and rapper Daniel Gibson has found a new lover in the lovely 24-year-old Sinfony Rosales. Sinfony and Booby, both recent college graduates, made their relationship public in early 2018 by posting cuddly images of themselves on social media.

Booby Quotes Romantic Songs for Sinfony

Daniel “Booby” Gibson, 32, is totally over heels in love with Sinfony, his new girlfriend. After partnerships with girlfriends Keyshia Cole and Brooke Valentine, the former American basketball player has finally found love. Furthermore, Daniel isn’t afraid to showcase his stunning new boo on social media with heart-stopping messages. Aside from that, Booby can’t seem to hide his feelings for his girlfriend, and he frequently posts images of her with romantic song lyrics.

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Sinfony Rosales
Caption: Keyshia Cole and Daniel “Booby” Gibson underwent custody battle for their son source: Pinterest

The couple’s bond is excellent, and anyone who sees it will be awestruck. Sinfony is having a great time with her boyfriend, Daniel, and she routinely publishes images of the two of them on social media. The lovers like spending time together and take every opportunity to show off their love for one another to the rest of the world. Furthermore, the cute couple considers each other to be their best friends and is supportive of each other’s choices.

Custody Battle with Former Girlfriend, Keyshia Cole

Daniel and Keyshia, the previous husband and wife, married in 2011 and have a great son together. The lovely lovebirds, however, decided to part ways in 2014, resulting in a custody fight for their newborn boy. Despite accepting full responsibility for his shattered marriage with his ex-wife, Keyshia, Booby was certain about his son.

Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson, Keyshia Cole’s estranged husband, wants full custody of their son, Daniel Gibson Jr. Furthermore, the former NBA player asked for spousal support. Keyshia Cole, a Hollywood star, did not ask for spousal support or joint legal and physical custody.

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