Meet Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner’s Son – Learn About His Career, Relationship Status, and More!

Ronnie Turner is an actor best known for his role in the film What’s Love Got to Do with It, which is based on his mother’s life.

Ronnie Turner is the son of Tina Turner, a famed singer, and Ike Turner, a musician. He’s also a musician, having played bass guitar in a band called Manufactured Funk.

Ronnie Turner has also collaborated with her mother in her band. Ronnie, on the other hand, appears to have recently turned his professional focus to real estate. So, how much money does he have in his bank account?

Aside from his professional achievements, he also has a thriving personal life. He’s married, and he and his wife have children? So, you want to learn more about him? Continue reading this article for more information.

Ronnie Turner- Early Life

Ronnie Turner is Tina Turner’s youngest biological son from her marriage to Ike Turner, as previously stated. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 27, 1960. He is currently around 63 years old.

He spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles, however he did spend a brief stretch of time in St. Louis, Missouri. He is an ethnically American when it comes to his nationality.

Apart from that, he is a well-educated person. He graduated from Seaside High School and went on to Hartnell College for his post-secondary study.

His parents are both accomplished musicians

Ronnie hails from a musical family. Ike, Ike’s father, was a well-known musician, bandleader, vocalist, and songwriter. He has had multiple successful singles and albums over the course of his career, including Grammy-winning compositions such as Proud Mary and Risin’ with the Blues.

Here and Now, A Black Man’s Soul, and Father Alone are some of his other works. Tina, her mother, is a Swiss singer and actress who was born in the United States. She has not only recorded a number of songs and albums, but she has also appeared in a number of successful films.

Tina Turns the Country On!, Ronnie’s mother’s first studio album, was released in 1974. After that, she released a slew of studio albums, including Acid Queen, Love Explosion, Break Every Rule, Wildest Dreams, and a slew of others.

In terms of her filmography, she had roles in The Big T.N.T. Show, Soul to Soul, Tommy, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Tina, a documentary series, is slated to premiere in 2021.

Ike Turner, Ronnie Turner’s father, died in 2007

Regrettably, Ronnie’s iconic father, Ike Turner, has passed away. On December 12, 2007, he died at the age of 76. According to accounts, the musician was discovered dead at his home in San Marcos, California, by his wife Audrey.

The cause of death, according to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office post-mortem report, was a cocaine overdose. He was also diagnosed with emphysema at a young age.

He was reportedly living with his fifth wife at the time of his death.

When Ronnie was eighteen, his parents divorced

Ronnie’s father and mother, like the majority of prominent couples in the entertainment world, went through a terrible divorce. Tina and Ike married in 1962 in Tijuana, shortly after Ronnie was born, according to sources.

However, relations between the two quickly deteriorated. Tina filed for divorce from Ike in July 1976, after 14 years of marriage after a furious dispute. Their divorce was finalized in 1978, after a few years of court battles. Ronnie was roughly 18 years old at the time of their divorce.

Just so you know, both Ike and Tina have had several marriages. When it comes to his father, he has married five times. In 1953, he married Bonnie Mae Wilson for the first time. Following his divorce from her in 1955, he married Lorraine Taylor, whom he divorced in 1979.

Jeanette Bazzell Turner was Ike’s fourth married relationship. From 1995 to 2001, they were married. Audrey Madison Turner, an American singer, was his most recent marriage. They married in 2006 and were married till his death in 2007.

Tina Bach, Ronnie’s mother, married her second spouse Erwin Bach after her divorce. They married in 2013 and have been together ever since. He is a German music executive.

Siblings of Ronnie Turner

Raymond Craig Turner, Ike Turner Jr, Mia Turner, Twant to Turner Melby, Linda Trippeter, and Michael Turner are Ronnie’s half-siblings. Craig was her half-brother from her mother’s connection with Raymond Hill, while the rest of her siblings are the result of his father’s several marriages.

Despite the fact that they are not his biological siblings, he has a wonderful bond with all of them. Indeed, they are frequently seen together at social gatherings and public events.

Craig, his older brother, committed suicide

Craig Raymond, Ronnie’s mother’s brother, committed suicide on July 3, 2018. According to rumors, he shot himself in the head at his Los Angeles residence. While the precise reason for his suicide remains unknown, Tina noted,

I believe Craig was lonely, and I believe that was what got him more than anything else; I have images of him smiling all over the place, and I believe I sense that he’s in a happy place. I truly believe that.

He worked as a real estate agent, after all. He was also a very emotional child when he was younger Ronnie was a member of a few bands. As a guitar player,

Ronnie comes from a musical family and has a natural talent for it. He enjoys writing music, singing songs, and playing a variety of instruments.

In 1972, he and Patrick Moten established Manufactured Funk, a band based on their mutual love of music. Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Natalie Cole, New Birth, and Rufus have all performed with the band.

After his parents divorced, he continued to perform in both his mother’s and father’s bands. He has, however, gradually removed himself from music over the years and now only performs infrequently.

He also apparently played bass guitar for The Prophets, a Santa Barbara and Los Angeles-based band, back in 1999.

He’s also starred in a film

Ronni Turner, like his mother, enjoys movies in addition to music. He has, however, only appeared in one film thus far in his career. He appeared in the documentary series What’s Love Got to Do with It in 1993.

The film is based on his mother’s life and the harsh marriage she had for many years.

Ronnie Turner has a wife named Afida Turner

Ronnie is married to Afida Turner, a French-American singer. On March 3, 2007, the pair married in a private ceremony in front of close friends and family. Before walking down the aisle, the couple was said to have dated for a while.

Afida Turner, Ronnie Turner’s wife, and Tina Turner, Ronnie Turner’s mother Afida, Ronnie’s wife, is his life partner. Since the year 2007, Ronnie and his wife Afida have been married for 14 years as of 2021, and their love appears to be extremely strong. There were speculations that they had split up for a short time in 2017, however they have since reconciled.

Ronnie’s wife’s birth name is Hafidda Messai, but she has been known as Afida Turner since their wedding. Do they have any children after being married for so long? In June 2016, Afida revealed that she had miscarried Ronnie’s child in the third month of pregnancy.

Ronnie Turner’s Net Worth 2022/2023

As a musician and actor, Ronnie has acquired a substantial fortune. He earns a nice living from his work and charges a fair wage. He has a net worth of roughly $1 million as of 2021.

His parents are likewise extremely affluent. His mother has a net worth of $270 million, and his father had a net worth of million when he died.