Meet Olivia Louise Peart – Neil Peart’s Daughter And Carrie Nuttall

Olivia Louise Peart is the daughter of Neil Peart, a famous drummer, and Carrie Nuttall, his second wife. She is the only kid of her parents and is surrounded by love and care.

Take a peek at the development of Olivia Louise Peart, Neil Peart’s daughter with Carrie Nuttall. Learn about the tragedies that her family went through before she was born.

Daughter Of Neil Peart And Carrie Nuttall

Olivia Louise Peart, the daughter of Neil Peart and Carrie Nuttall, is the daughter of Rush drummer Neil Peart and his wife Carrie Nuttall, as previously reported. Neil and Carrie have been dating since the early 2000s and have been married for several years.

Neil Peart’s daughter Olivia was born in 2009. In an essay titled Under the Marine Layer, he announced his wife’s pregnancy on his website’s News, Weather, and Sports section in June 2009. Peart revealed that he and his wife were expecting their first child together, but he did not specify when the baby would arrive.

Peart and Nuttall also declined to reveal Olivia’s exact birth date and time.

Olivia Louise Peart
Caption: Neil Peart retired from his decade-long music career when his daughter, Olivia Louise Peart, was young Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Lost Her Father At An Early Age

Olivia Louise Peart’s parents were extremely guarded about their daughter’s privacy, thus they only revealed tiny details about her life. As a result, the news that Neil Peart had died after a long battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, stunned everyone.

On January 7, 2020, Neil Peart passed away, approximately three and a half years after being diagnosed with cancer. His ten-year-old daughter Olivia was present when he died. Peart’s illness was kept a well-guarded secret, as was so much of his personal life.

Olivia must have been devastated by the loss of a parent at such a young age. Carrie, her mother, is now in charge of her, and she must be lavishing her with affection.

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Neil Peart’s Daughter Had An Older Sister

Olivia is the only child of her parents, as previously stated. She did have an older half-sibling on her father’s side. Louise Peart’s sister, Selena Taylor, was born to her father and his first wife, Jacqueline Taylor. For nearly two decades, Neil and Jackie have been married.

Despite having a half-sister, Olivia, Neil Peart’s daughter, never met her. Selena Peart Taylor died in a single-car accident in August 1997, around 12 years before Olivia was born.

Olivia’s father, on the other hand, endured yet another tragedy when his wife, Selena’s mother, died of cancer a few months later. These terrible occurrences had such an impact on Neil that he had to leave his band to recover.

A few years later, Peart met Carrie, Olivia Louise’s mother, and the two married, allowing him to resume his life. The birth of their daughter may have increased Neil’s will to live.

Neil Peart Retired From Rush To Spend More Time With Olivia

Olivia Louise’s father, Neil Peart, started his career in the music industry in the late 1960s. He spent more than four decades as Rush’s drummer until retiring in 2015. In a December interview, Peart revealed that his daughter’s peers referred to him as a “retired drummer.”

Neil also remarked that he liked the sound of it and that hearing it did not annoy him as much as he had expected. He also claimed that everyone should be able to leave the game at some point. And the year 2015 was ideal for him.

While Neil never stated why he retired, it appears that his young daughter, who must have been approximately six years old at the time, played a significant role. He must have wished to spend his time looking after Olivia and seeing her grow.

Only five years later, Neil Peart passed away from brain cancer. Those years, on the other hand, might have been some of his best because he was always there for his daughter.

Neil Peart was able to care for his youngest daughter for a long period despite his own difficulties. While the father-daughter duo will never be seen together, we may hope that Olivia Louise Peart will honor Neil’s legacy in the future.

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