Meet NFL Coach Brian Flores’ Wife – Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores!

Brian Flores’ wife is Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores. Brian is the head coach of the National Football League’s Miami Dolphins.

Relationship Status

Everyone has seen the exciting twists in wedding movies and how they met their life partner. But we all know that’s only a movie and that nothing like it will ever happen in real life. Then you may be mistaken, as Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores and Brian’s story will lead you to believe.

They were both college students when they first met. They were bound to meet because they both chose Acapulco for their spring vacation.

Like in a romance film, the man glimpsed his future wife standing on the balcony. He told a friend when he first met her that she was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Thankfully, his prophecies came true, and the couple married in 2009.

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Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Husband
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Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores was embroiled in a labor dispute at the stadium

Jennifer is, to put it mildly, a difficult woman. Her handling of the situation is admirable. To shorten a long story short, it happened at Gillette Stadium during the Patriots’ playoff game against the Houston Texans. She was pregnant with her third child at the time. Her water had abruptly burst. Even if she told her husband she was well and didn’t have any labor pains, and persuaded him to stay in the game until it was through, it’s difficult for a woman. Everything worked out in the end because her husband won the game and the couple gave birth to their third child the next morning.

Three children’s Mother

Yes, you read that right. They have three children between them. Miles and Maxwell are their two sons, while Liliana is their daughter. They live happily together, and in 2018, they took a revitalizing trip to Cancun as a group. We can only assume they had a great time there.

Jennifer worked as a Spanish instructor

Jennifer was teaching Spanish at the time at Foxborough Regional Charter School. It was about 10 miles north of Attleboro, Massachusetts, where the school was located. Aside from that, the woman has won a spot on the department’s six pages, which include a middle school and a high school.

In addition, she was listed in a Foxborough course catalog for the 2009-2010 school year. In 2010-2011, she dropped out of school. Surprisingly, she announced her new position in September 2011, that she would begin work the next day. Her new job, though, remained a mystery.

Jennifer as a Supportive Wife

Jennifer is a staunch supporter of her husband on both a personal and professional level. She doesn’t just stand there and cheer him on; she sticks by his side even when he’s having a bad day. The Hockomock YMCA recognized him in 2018, and his brother attended the Legends Ball with him.

Jennifer had captured those priceless moments on film and shared them on Twitter. She shows how much she loves her better half by being by his side at Patriots games and posting the photo after they won the Stadium title.

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