Meet Lara Melanie Saget – Bob Saget’s Daughter And Ex-Wife Sherri Kramer

In the 1990s, stand-up comedian Bob Saget and screenwriter Sherri Kramer were married for 15 years. Their three daughters are twins Lara Melanie Saget and Aubrey Saget, as well as Jennifer Belle Saget, the youngest. They broke up in 1997 after that. Following that, Bob married Kelly Rizzo, a journalist.

Bob Saget’s daughter, Lara Melanie Saget, was born on October 16, 1989. Let’s discover more about the son of the legendary comedian.

An Artist And A Yogi

Bob Saget’s 30-year-old daughter, Lara Melanie Saget, is a talented artist. Her father, a comedian, and mother, a screenwriter, have impacted her creativity. Lara has a website where she displays her work. She’s also a co-founder of Studio 200, a traveling art show company that began in 2013.

Bob’s daughter, Lara, also enjoys yoga and being fit. She shares a lot of images and videos of herself doing yoga poses on Instagram.

Lara is a yoga enthusiast who shares her triumphs on Instagram. This photo was taken from Lara’s Instagram account.

Lara Melanie Saget is an incredibly brilliant woman who is following her dreams and passions. Bob Saget must be proud of his daughter for achieving success in life without the help of her father.

Lara Melanie Saget
Caption: Lara Melanie Saget With Siblings Source: Pinterest

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Has A Great Bond With Her Sisters

Lara Melanie Saget’s parents, Bob and Sherri Kramer married in 1982 and divorced in 1997. Her parents had a lovely time together during their 15 years of marriage. Her father did not marry again until after the divorce when he met Kelly Rizzo. Lara’s father eventually fell in love with someone after the sorrow of his divorce. He married Kelly Rizzo in 2018. Since then, the couple has been sharing sweet Instagram images of themselves cheering one other on.

Lara is accompanied on her tour by her father Bob, stepmother Kelly, and sister Aubrey. This photo was taken from Bob Saget’s Instagram account.

We can see how close Lara and her father Bob and stepmother Kelly are when they go on vacation together. All of the daughters should have a close relationship with their father and stepmother, we hope.

Lara Lost Her Dad, Bob In 2022

Laura Melani Saget is much more than her father’s child. Aubrey Saget, her twin, and Jennifer Belle Saget, her other sibling, are her sisters.

Lara looks to have a close relationship with her sisters. The sisters are usually supportive and encouraging of one another, and they participate in a variety of new hobbies together. We send our best wishes to Bob Saget’s gorgeous family.

Lara Melanie Saget: Name Meaning

Lara is a Latin name that means “famous” or “brilliant.” Melanie is a Greek name that means “dark” in English.

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