Meet Kimberly Violette Petty – Tom Petty’s Daughter And Ex-Wife Jane Benyo

Kimberly Violette Petty: Tom Petty’s daughter nicknamed Anna, was born in 1982. Tom had Kim with his ex-wife, Jane Benyo. Kimberly is the second child of her parents, and she is lovely. Adria Petty is a filmmaker, and she has a step-sibling, Dylan Petty, who is currently married to Dana York.

AnnaKim is passionate about fashion. She likes to play around with different objects, colors, and scents. Her flamboyant ensemble is so bright that it is considered art.

In an interview, Petty also stated that one’s clothing choice should be akin to music in that it should help bring the world together.

Tom Petty’s Daughters And Wife Dana Having A Legal Battle

Tom Petty’s daughters Annakim and Adria filed a lawsuit against his widow Dana as the battle for ownership of the late singer-catalog songwriter’s assets raged on. Dana Petty’s trustee told BillBoard that Adria Petty and Annakim Violette, her late husband’s kids from a previous marriage, made managing the estate as ordered nearly impossible.

Tom Petty’s daughter Kimberly Violate and her sister are in court against her father’s widow Dana.

Despite having equal rights, Tom’s older daughter Adria appeared to want to be involved in marketing, promotion, and artistic decisions.

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Kimberly Violette Petty
Caption: Tom Petty’s Daughter Kimberly Viollete and her sister are having a legal battle against her father’s widow Dana Source: Pinterest

Annakim Violette Was Heartbroken After Her Father’s Demise

Tom Petty’s youngest daughter, Annakim, was a close buddy. She used to often upload pictures of the father-daughter duo enjoying the fun. Following Tom Petty’s death, Annakim turned her Instagram feed into an homage to her father, featuring personal memories and images from Tom’s illustrious career.

She also stated that members of The Heartbreakers were in the hospital with their families.

AnnaKim thanked her father’s supporters for their support as well.

She enjoys traveling to other parts of the world in addition to her professional activities because she does not consider herself to be from a specific region. She also believes that, despite their diverse backgrounds, there are a few people with whom she can connect.

Annakim has a blog called ‘glass net,’ in addition to being an artist. She also starred in the short film ‘Dual’ and produced the film ‘Garden of Eden,’ directed by Maximilla Lucas and written by Rachel Kolar.

Kimberly William Petty: Name Meaning

The name Kimberly is derived from the English word ‘from the woods.’

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