Meet Keith Michael Kirby Costas – Bob Costas’ Son

Keith Michael Kirby Costas: Robert Quinlan Costas, best known by his stage name Bob Costas, is a sportscaster for NBS Sports in the United States.

He has been an NBC Sports sports analyst since 1980. Costas also served as the prime-time host of eleven Olympic games from 1992 to 2016.

In addition, Bob Costas used to host a show called ‘Studio 42 with Bob Costas,’ which featured interviews with celebrities. Costas has won multiple Emmy Awards for his outstanding performance.

Bob Costas has been married twice in his life. His current wife is Jill Sutton. Carole ‘Randy’ Randall Krummenacher, his first wife, had two children with him. Meet one of Bob Costas’ sons, Keith Michael Kirby Costas.

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Named After Late Kirby Puckett

Carole ‘Randy’ Randall Krummenacher, the first wife of sports reporter Bob Costas, was married in 1983. They had a ten-year marriage and a happy life together. Their marriage, on the other hand, developed cracks as a result of a variety of marital issues. As a result, the couple’s then-husband and wife, Bob, and Carole, split in 2001.

During their time together, Carole Krummenacher, Bob’s former wife, gave birth to Bob’s first child, Keith Michael Kirby Costas, in 1986.

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Keith Michael Kirby Costas
Caption: Bob Costas’ son, Keith got his middle name after Kirby Puckett Source: Facebook

The story behind Bob Costas’ son’s name began as a joke. While Carole was pregnant with Keith, Bob half-jokingly promised Late Kirby Puckett that if he batted over 350 by the time his child was born, he would name the baby Kirby.

By the time Bob welcomed his son, Keith, a former American baseball player, Kirby had scored around.372. At first, Keith’s parents did not include the name Kirby in his name. Puckett, on the other hand, brought up the agreement later. The surname Costas was changed to Keith Michael Kirby Costas on the birth certificate.

Siblings Of Keith Michael Kirby Costas

As previously noted, Keith Costas is the oldest child of Bob Costas and his ex-wife Carole. His parents have a daughter named Taylor Costas in addition to Keith.

Keith Costas’ younger sister, Taylor, was born in 1989. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston College. Following in her father’s footsteps in the American Entertainment Industry, she worked as an associate producer on NBC and other broadcasting channels after college. Bob Costas’ daughter won a Sports Emmy for her work as an associate producer on NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Keith Costas’ private life is kept a well-guarded secret. As a result, there is no publicly available information concerning the Costas siblings’ relationship. We do hope, though, that they have a wonderful day connecting away from the camera.

An Award-Winning Producer

A Multi-Award-Winning Artist Like his sister Taylor, producer Keith Costas followed in his father’s footsteps into the sports industry. Keith, a University of Kentucky alumni, works for MLB Network’s MLB Tonight as an assistant producer. For his work on MLB Tonight, Keith won two Sports Emmys.

Despite the fact that Keith works as an associate producer in the sports industry, he appears to despise the paparazzi. He would rather work in the shadows, out of the limelight. As a result, Bob Costas’ son does not use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. In addition, he avoids making public appearances with his famous father, Bob Costas. As a result, there aren’t many public photographs of Keith Costas available right now.

Name Meaning: Keith Michael Kirby Costas

Keith’s name is derived from a battle. In contrast, Michael is a masculine name that means “Who is like God?”

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