Meet Keilani Bautista – Dave Bautista’s Daughter And Ex-Wife Glenda Bautista

Keilani Bautista was born in 1990, the daughter of WWE wrestler Dave Bautista. Bautista’s first wife, Glenda Bautista, had her with him. Glenda, Keilani’s mother, works for Hearst Publishing Company in New York as a senior director in Ad Products.

After an eight-year marriage, Dave and Glenda finally addressed their differences and divorced in 1998.

Glenda, Athena’s mother, has been married to Chris Baker since 2014, following Dave’s divorce.

Keilani is the oldest kid in the family, and she has a younger sister named Athena Bautista. Keilani’s younger sister has her own YouTube channel as well.

Keilani Is A Mother Of Two

Dave Bautista’s daughter, Keilani Bautista, is the mother of two kids, Jacob and Aiden. According to many websites, Jacob and Aiden are identical twins. No information about the baby’s father, however, has ever been made public.

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Keilani Bautista
Caption: Former Wrestler Bautista’s Daughter Keilani is a mother of twin childrens ources: Facebook

Keilani Bautista, like her father Dave Bautista, is of mixed ethnicity, with Filipino and Greek ancestry. For whatever reason, Keilani and her younger sister Athena have not been featured in the media. Dave Bautista’s kids appear to be having a wonderful time away from the cameras.

Keilani Bautista is the mother of twins and the daughter of retired wrestler Bautista.

On the other side, Keilani has social media profiles but hasn’t used them much. She had 349 Twitter followers in September of this year. Moreover, many others have registered profiles in her name, implying that she is the real deal, according to her description.

In addition, her account has been changed to private. As a result, we might assume that Bautista’s daughter despises the intrusion of the public into her private life.

Name Meaning: Keilani Bautista

“Heavenly, lovely, and royal one,” says Keilani, a Hawaiian girl’s name.

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