Meet Jill Tavelman, Phil Collins’s Ex Wife And Lily Collins Mother

Jill Tavelman is an American socialite who became renowned after marrying Phil Collins. The couple exchanged vows in the ’80s and by the ’90s they had already been split. From their marriage, they welcomed one daughter, an actor, Lily Collins.

Today let’s take a hard look at Jill Tavelman and Phil Collin’s relationship. In addition, we shall also find out what Jill is doing presently. Let’s also find out if she has tied the knot after her divorce from Phil.

The former flames’ romance was one of the most talked-about affairs. From the infidelity scandal to divorce through fax, there are a lot of unheard details regarding the pair’s love journey.

Jill Tavelman Is Famous For Her High Profile Relationship With Phil Collins

It’s a given fact, you marry or date a celeb, and your renown reaches a new height, regardless of your volition. Similarly, before meeting Phil, Jill was an unknown face in the media.

Speaking of which, Jill and Phil first met in the year 1980. Phil was in the US promoting one of his Genesis albums when he stumbled across Jill in a local Los Angeles club. At the time, Phil was fresh out of divorce and wasn’t searching for anything significant. However, like any man, Phil couldn’t evade fate.

Phil was first introduced to Jill as Bill Collick only so she wouldn’t catch on to his rock star fame. But little did he know, Jill had never heard of a performer named Phil Collins, given that she was a major lover of Springsteen-Cougar type of music.

A few months after they started seeing out, Phil asked Jill to relocate to England with him. She consented and the young couple started living their new life in the country.

Throughout their relationship, the couple became a source of interest. And frankly, we don’t see any reason as to why not. After all, they were one of the prominent couples at the time. The former flames used to attend several red-carpet events together, looking all radiant and eye-catching.

Jill And Phil Collins’ First Few Years As A Married Couple

They dated for a little over three years before deciding to tie the wedding. Tavelman and Collins exchanged vows on 4th August 1984, in a private ceremony performed at a local church nearby to the town of Guildford where they were residing.

The beginning part of their marriage was quite challenging for Jill. She was living in a new land, far removed from her relatives. In addition, her spouse was trying to move on from his former relationship. Around the same time as their marriage, Phil embarked on a solo career.

Phil’s first two debut solo albums Face Value and Hello, I Must Be Going! were enormous hits yet they somehow made Jill’s life a bit saddening. If you don’t know, these albums were about Phil mourning over the demise of his former relationship and the loss of his kids, not literally of course.

Despite all the difficulties, Jill and Phil persevered through it all.

Jill Tavelman’s Daughter With Ex-Husband Phil Is An Actress

A couple of years after tying married, Jill gave birth to her first and only child, a daughter named Lilly Collins on March 18th, 1989. Their daughter has created a name for herself in the entertainment sector. She is notable for appearing in Rules Don’t Apply, To The Bone, and Les Miserables.

Lilly maintains an outstanding relationship with both her mom and dad. She typically flies back and forth from the UK to the US only to spend time with them.

Besides, Jill Tavelman’s daughter is blissfully engaged to Charlie McDowell since 2021. Initially, they began dating in 2019. Lilly doesn’t like talking about her personal life in the media since she observed how the media dragged out her parent’s very intimate divorce into the public.

Jill Tavelman And Phil Divorced In 1996: He Cheated On Her

After staying in the marriage partnership for almost a decade, their connection came to a standstill. As time passed, things weren’t as pleasant and amicable between Jill and Phil as before. Eventually, Cracks started popping up. Phil told his biographer, “There were clues that maybe it wasn’t as spectacular, or great, as it used to be.”

It was around this time that Phil made his way back to his adolescent sweetheart Lavinia Lang. His affair was the final nail in the coffin of the duo’s relationship. The only unexpected detail about their split was the fact that Collins had supposedly abandoned her through fax. However, the English drummer later denied he broke up with Jill in such a manner.

Nevertheless, their divorce was finalized in the year 1996.

Jill Received Big Alimony From Her Divorce

Being one of the richest drummers in the world, Phil made millions of dollars from his career. Unfortunately for him, a major amount of his profits went straight to his divorce fund. He has had three divorces all of which cost him a great amount of money.

By the same token, after Jill and Phil separated, she received a big sum of money, $23.5 million, to be precise. No doubt this greatly contributes to her entire net worth.

But before you people start claiming she got lucky and all, let us tell you one thing. Tavelman herself hails from a rich family. Many of you might not know this but when she met the English singer for the first time, she was more prosperous than him. So money was never the motive behind her devotion towards Phil.

What Is Jill Tavelman Doing Now? Has She Remarried?

Jill currently works as a ‘purveyor of resurrected oddities.’ Moreover, she manages a vintage business named, Waverly On Doheny. The business is located in West Hollywood, California.

Her store is one of the exclusive antique stores in the region. The business, which the former school teacher started in 2014, comprises unique eclectic antique objects. She has handed a vintage camera to a prominent Hollywood producer. The video camera features a video of Amelia Earhart.

As for her present dating status, she remains single and has not married anyone.

Jill Was Born To Prolific Parents Who Had Ties In Showbiz \ Born on April 9th, 1956, in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of a prominent Hollywood outfitter who worked with various celebrities like Groucho Marx and Greta Garbo. In addition, her mother, Jane Hale, was a dancer and had joined up with Don Loper.

Tavelman often publishes images of her mother on her social media channels. Though we haven’t seen any picture of her dad.

She spent a significant chunk of her upbringing in Los Angeles. She graduated high school from a small school in Los Angeles.

Jill Shares A Cordial Relationship With Her Ex-Spouse

Despite all the troubles between them, Jill and Phil, to this day, remain on good terms with each other. She routinely shares images with her ex-partner on Instagram, greeting him on multiple occasions.

Furthermore, the couple has made several joint appearances together in numerous red-carpet events, several years after their split. We’re confident their daughter Lily has a large hand in this situation.

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