Meet Jaqui Bonet Rice – Jerry Rice’s Daughter And Ex-Wife Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell

Jaqui Bonet: Jerry Rice’s daughter Rice was born to his ex-wife Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell on June 7, 1987. Jerry has a kid named Jaqui with his ex-girlfriend Jacqueline.

The most gorgeous of her siblings, Jaqui Bonet Rice, is the oldest. Her younger brother, Jerry Rice Jr., was born in 1991, and her younger sister, Jada Symone Rice, was born in 1996. Jaqui’s boyfriend, Tempo Stokes, is now her boyfriend.

Jerry Rice’s Daughter Jaqui Bonet Rice Is A Singer

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Jaqui Bonet is a vocalist who performs on stage. Not only a singer, but a superb one. The gorgeous Jaqui has had a passion for music since she was a child. She has a YouTube channel called QUI, where she has posted a number of songs. We’re confident that her music will make everyone feel better. A mood booster!

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Jaqui Bonet Rice
Caption: Jerry Rice’s daughter Jaqui Bonet Rice loves taking mirror selfie source: Instagram

Jaqui’s boyfriend, Tempo Stokes, is equally head over heels in love with her. The couple is head over heels in love, and they routinely share cute photos of themselves on Instagram. Jaqui Rice’s lover, Tempo Stokes, appears to have a tremendous fondness for her. In addition to her partner Tempo, Jaqui enjoys spending time with her father Jerry and sister Jada.

Jaqui is both an entrepreneur and a model. She is a co-founder of Tressley, an online marketplace for selling and buying hair. She is a woman with a strong sense of self-worth who makes others feel special, as we can see. Jerry’s eldest child, Jaqui, is a fashionista as well. Just by looking at her images, we can tell she has an excellent sense of style. She has the same love as her mother, Jacqueline, for getting dressed up and looking wonderful.

Jaqui Bonet Rice Name Meaning

Jaqui is a diminutive form of the name Jacqueline. Jerry Rice’s daughter, Jaqui Rice, acquired her mother’s surname. The first letter of the medieval surname Bonet is ‘bon,’ which means ‘good’ in French.

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