Meet James Miller Koman – Ellie Kemper’s Son and Michael Koman

Ellie Kemper is an American actress, comedian, and writer best known for her appearances in The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as Erin Hannon and Kimmy Schmidt, respectively. With a slew of award nominations, Ellie is a name that stands out among the crowd.

Ellie has been great in a number of films and television shows. Her husband is Michael Koman, and they have two children together. Out of the two children, we’ll focus on Ellie Kemper’s kid, James Miller Koman, in this post.


First Born Of Actress Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper’s son, James, was born in July 2016. Ellie has a low profile on social media when it comes to her family, although she did share the first photo of James on Today in 2017, calling him “the prettiest baby on the earth.” The family’s firstborn, James, added a lot of personality, vibrancy, and enjoyment to the mix. Kemper has had a beautiful son in James. In 2019, Kemper welcomed her second kid, Matthew Koman, into the world, completing her family.

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James Miller Koman
Caption: Ellie is now a mother of two sons Source: Instagram

Ellie Kemper reveals that her son James enjoys the soundtrack to A Star Is Born. Because the music of the house is rather standard, James has chosen one of the parts to be particularly hilarious. ‘You know I don’t feel this way about everyone,’ Lady Gaga replies, and Bradley Cooper responds, ‘Good!’ James bursts out laughing when he hears this part. Furthermore, James has started saying it and has made it into a fun party trick with his mother, which she loves:

“When we’re at a party or someone comes over, I’ll say, ‘James, you know I don’t feel this way about everybody,’ and he says, ‘Good!’ And I’m, like, a stage mom about it,”

Just by looking at this small disclosure, we can see the mother-son duo’s intimate bond.

Ellie Kemper’s Son James Is Really Adorable

Despite the fact that Ellie Kemper and her husband have kept their personal lives private, we’ve caught a few peeks of James, and isn’t he cute? Many people thought James was one of the cutest infants they’d ever seen when Ellie first shared a photo of him in 2017. The tiny boy looks just like his mother, which only adds to his adorableness.

Kemper is now a mother of two tiny children, which entails a great deal of responsibility. She also needs to achieve the correct balance between her jobs as an actor and a mother so that neither suffers. Let’s hope we get to see more of her as a mother in the coming weeks and months.

Name Meaning: James Miller Koman

James is a descendant of Jacob, a Hebrew name that means “supplanter” or “follower.” Miller is a Gaelic name that means “large lips,” “merchant,” or “maillor,” which alludes to a man in armor or a soldier.

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