Meet Halsey And Know About Parents, Family History, and Ethnicity!


Pop music lovers are familiar with American vocalist Halsey. Her best-known songs include Ghost, Hurrican, and New Americana.

Only a few people are aware that her real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. And her internationally recognized moniker, Halsey, is an anagram created by rearranging the letters of her first name, Ashley.

Continue reading to learn more about Halsey’s personal and professional life.

Background of Parents/Family

Halsey, who was born on September 29, 1994, in Clark, New Jersey, did not have an easy life.

Her parents, Chris Frangipane and Nicole Frangipane gave birth to her as their first child. Sevian and Dante Frangipane are her two younger brothers. Her ethnicity is a mix of African-American and Italian, Irish, and Hungarian ancestry from her father’s side and Italian, Irish, and Hungarian ancestry from her mother’s side.

Halsey’s parents were both music fans. She grew up around her father, who listened to a lot of old-school rap, and her mother, who listened to a lot of 90’s grunge.

Hasley was a budding musician from a young age. She was a violinist, violist, and cellist. She later began playing guitar when she was 14 years old. Furthermore, her parents’ musical tastes introduced Halsey to some of her greatest influences, including Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, the Cure, Gin Blossoms, and Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Slick Rick.

As Halsey grew older, things began to change. Halsey became a renegade as a teenager. Her parents and she had several squabbles. But things became so bad that Halsey dropped out of school. Her parents, both college dropouts, did not approve of their daughter repeating the same error and eventually kicked her out to teach life lessons.

Halsey suffered greatly after being evicted. She tried suicide once by overdosing on painkillers. She was then transported to a psychiatric facility and diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
For a long time, Halsey had a chilly connection with her parents. But, for the time being, the family appears to have buried the hatchet. Furthermore, Halsey has acknowledged her ‘cool’ parents with her musical choices.

Halsey’s Profession

‘Halsey’s career took a turn overnight,’ many have said. And it’s not incorrect!
The singer recorded her song Ghost in 2014 and shared it on SoundCloud, where it quickly became a smash.

She amassed not only enormous notoriety but also a slew of record deals.

Previously, Halsey performed under a variety of stage names. In 2012, she released The Haylor Song, a parody of Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, which received some notice. But it was her own song, Ghost, that catapulted her to stardom.

Following her enormous success, she was awarded the Billboard Women in Music Rising Star Award in 2016.

Following that, Halsey went on to create hit after hit. She has also worked with musicians such as Justin Beiber, The Chainsmokers, and BTS, to mention a few. Halsey is now a global superstar with a promising career ahead of her.

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