Meet Giovanna Marie LaValle – Snooki’s Daughter and Husband Jionni LaValle

Giovanna Marie LaValle: On September 26, 2014, the daughter of Jersey Shore star Snooki, was born. Snooki has a daughter with her husband, Jionni LaValle.

In the family, Giovanna is not the only child. Her older brother, Lorenzo Dominic Lavalle, is her only sibling. Giovanna, Snooki’s first kid, is a huge fan of her younger sister. Many people are astonished to hear that Giovanna owns Sissy’s Sweet Boutique, an apparel store.

Snooki’s Daughter Giovanna, Social Media Star

Giovanna Marie LaValle, aka Snooki’s daughter, Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, is already a social media sensation. Giovanna, who is four years old, has over 183K Instagram followers under the handle’sissygiovanna.’ Giovanna, Snooki’s kid, is frequently featured on the feed, and she knows how to showcase her cuteness.

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Giovanna Marie LaValle
Caption: Jersey Shore star Snooki alongside her cute daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle Source: Instagram

In general, Giovanna is a carbon copy of her mother, Snooki. It’s not just the fans who think so; the 30-year-old reality TV star herself admits it. Snooki called Giovanna her “mini-me,” “best buddy,” and “spirit animal” as she wished her a happy third birthday. She then went on to emphasize how proud she was to be Giovanna’s mother.

Snooki was happy to see her daughter grow up, but she was worried that Giovanna might one day outgrow her.

Giovanna Marie LaVelle’s Sissy’s Sweet Boutique

Snooki’s daughter Giovanna also has a clothing line that sells fashionable children’s clothing, as previously reported. Here are some of the items available at Sissy’s Sweet Boutique, as well as their prices:

  • Girls Unicorn Shirt ($20)
  • Bless Your Heart Girls Set ($40)
  • Sissy Shirt and Rainbow Bow ($25)
  • Halloween Outfit Set ($45)

Only time will tell if Snooki will allow her daughter Giovanni to follow in her footsteps and become a TV star. Despite this, Snooki and Giovanna Marie LaValle, mother, and daughter, have an unshakable bond.

Giovanna Marie LaVelle- Name Meaning

Giovanna is a female given name in Italy. It’s Giovanni’s feminine version, which means “the Lord is gracious.”

The French equivalent of the name Mary is Marie. It is derived from the Hebrew word Mirym, which means “sea of sorrow or pain.”

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