Meet Georgie Neistat – Casey Neistat’s Daughter and Wife Candice Pool

Casey Owen Neistat, a well-known American YouTuber, is the joyful father of three children. With Robin Harris, he has a son named Owen Neistat, and Candice Pool has two daughters. Francine Neistat, his oldest daughter, was born on December 6, 2014.

Georgie Neistat, Casey Neistat’s daughter, was born on October 14, 2018. While still in her mother’s womb, Georgie was presented to us as a fan. On June 7, 2018, Casey and his wife announced the birth of their second child. So, let’s learn more about Casey’s kid, Georgie.

Her First Debut

Georgie, like her older sister Francine, has already been on her father’s YouTube channel. Unlike when his first daughter was born, Casey was present when his wife Candice gave birth to their second daughter. He shared photos of his wife and a new baby on Instagram, saying that she and the infant were doing well.

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Georgie Neistat
Caption: Casey loves a little family time together Source: Pinterest

Casey took on the role of protective father after the birth of his daughter Georgie. He hasn’t published any images or videos of his girlfriends since then. A few photos have emerged, but neither Casey nor his wife, Candice, have released them.

Sister Franny Called Her Watermelon

Casey’s wife, Candice Neistat, addressed the fact that Francine referred to her unborn child as “watermelon” in a video Casey posted when he announced his wife was expecting. Her older daughter used to inquire about Georgie, the unborn child, and whether or not watermelon required a play doll. She’d then press it against Candice’s belly button.

Moving forward, the four-person family is content and content with their lives. They take a trip together, and Casey’s son Owen joins them, adding to the enjoyment. Casey and his son are extremely close; in fact, Casey makes an effort to see his son once a week and frequently visits his college whenever he has free time.

A Proud Father Casey

As a teenager, Casey had a lot of terrible luck. When he was fifteen, he moved out of his house and began living with Robin and her buddy. He married Robin after falling in love with her. The couple split after their son, Owen, was born, and Casey relocated to New York. He never let the physical barrier between him and his son Owen, whom he only saw once a week, diminish their bond.

Owen, Georgie’s half-brother, is an important figure in Casey’s life. He also gets along swimmingly with his two half-sisters. When Candice gave birth to Georgie, Owen was present. Casey posted a photo of his son embracing Georgie on Instagram. We can only imagine what a wonderful older brother he is.

Georgie Neistat Name Meaning

Casey Neistat’s daughter, Georgie, has an English name that means “tiller of the soil” or “farmer.”

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