Meet Colombian Singer Shakira’s Father – William Mebarak Chadid!

Shakira’s father, William Mebarak Chadid, is well-known. She is a singer and composer from Colombia. The singer was born in Barranquilla and is renowned as the Queen of Latin Music.

Shakira, William Mebarak Chadid’s daughter, is more like a best friend.

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William Mebarak Chadid was born in Lebanon and immigrated to the United States as a child. He used to run the company and had a lot of success launching his own brands. Despite his achievements, he left his entire business to be with his daughter.

She is now considered as one of the most talented painters in the industry, having progressed through her career in the same manner as her father. Her father, who is more of a friend than a parent, has written a number of books, including a biography of his daughter. He’s now working as an author.

William Mebarak Chadid Shakira
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Before Shakira’s mother, who did William marry?

William was a successful businessman with a wide range of skills. On the other hand, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado was not his first choice. Mr. Chadid’s wife is Lucila Mebarak. The couple have nine children together. One of them, though, was murdered in a car accident. There was no further information about his previous partnerships. He later formed a partnership with Nidia Ripoll. Mrs. Chadid was an amateur painter as well as a homemaker at the time.

William Mebarak is the father of ten children.

Mr. Chadid had a total of ten children. He now has nine children, despite the fact that one of his children was killed in a car accident. They all get along well, but Shakira is especially close to Tonino Mebarak, with whom she is frequently seen. Tonino is her road manager and has accompanied her on every journey she has taken.

He’s the one who’s been by her side since the beginning of her career. Alberto Mebarak, a lawyer, Edward Mebarak, an engineer, Antonio Mebarak, an entrepreneur, Robin Mebarak, Moises Mebarak, a former FC Barcelona player, Patricia Mebarak, a teacher, Lucy Mebarak, a physician, Alberto Mebarak, a lawyer, Edward Mebarak, an engineer, Antonio Mebarak, an entrepreneur, Robin Mebarak, Moises Mebarak, a former FC Barcelona player, Patricia Mebarak,

After divorcing his first wife, he became involved with Nidia. The woman used to enjoy drawing when she was younger. As a mother, she thought that her daughter would be interested in the art she was pursuing. Shakira was aware of her enthusiasm and backed her up. Nidia is a stay-at-home wife because her husband William is a wealthy man who has never had any financial problems.

Was this Shakira’s first music-industry job?

She is now a well-known and well-respected artist. She has a sizable fan base all around the world. However, the artist’s initial job was not in the music industry. When she was thirteen years old, she relocated from Barranquilla to Bogota, Colombia’s capital.

The trip was primarily intended for the modeling job. Since pursuing a modeling career did not pan out. As a result, she decided to follow her passion for music full-time and got her first-ever record deal with Sony Music Colombia. Her debut album was later released, and she is now a well-known woman.

Net Worth

Because no information on William Mebarak Chadid’s financial situation is available. The excellent artist and accomplished daughter has a net worth of $300 million dollars. In addition to singing, she is a composer, producer, belly dancer, and philanthropist.

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